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Stephen Mayne — Journalist and <em data-lazy-src=

Stephen Mayne

Journalist and Crikey founder

Stephen Mayne founded Crikey in February 2000, and has remained as a contributor since selling it in 2005. He’s a former political staffer and local government councillor who also pursues shareholder advocacy as a two-time former director of the Australian Shareholders’ Association. He also spent two years working for the Alliance for Gambling Reform.

Helen Coonan (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

Keeping boards accountable is hard enough, so why would the government make it even harder?

Draft legislation to allow wholly online AGMs is a very bad move, writes shareholder activist and Crikey founder Stephen Mayne.

Helen Coonan and James Packer (Images: AAP)

Cull the board, replace the chair — how to fix Crown Resorts

Crown needs a complete overhaul, starting from the chair, Helen Coonan. That's the only way to defuse the fury of shareholders.

Harold Mitchell (Image: Julian Smith/AAP)

Seven calls in Harold Mitchell as 'independent' cricket rights valuer

The relationship between Harold Mitchell, Kerry Stokes and Seven West Media appears to be as tight as ever.

James Packer and Ben Gray (Images: AAP/Supplied)

It's time for Commissioner Bergin to put Packer's 'shameful, disgraceful' emails on the table

Now the subject of the billionaire's emails has been made public the inquiry must release those 13 pages of bile.

James Packer (Image: AAP/Jane Dempster)

Crown rests uneasy on Packer's head as inquiry exposes poor practices

Unpredictable casino billionaire James Packer is scheduled to give evidence to the NSW Bergin inquiry on Tuesday. Based on what has been unfolding so far, it's going to be a fascinating couple of days.

James Packer (Image: AAP)

After asking questions at 500 AGMs, Crikey's founder gets a judge's attention — and Crown's CEO a hard grilling

In 2019, Crown Resorts dodged a question from Crikey founder and shareholder activist Stephen Mayne. Now it's come back to bite the scandal-plagued company.

Melbourne Lord Mayor Sally Capp (Image: AAP/Daniel Pockett)

Melbourne mayoral race may see a new era of donation disclosure, if it's allowed

Melbourne Lord Mayor Sally Capp is in a strong position for reelection — but how she deals with disclosing campaign donations may paint it differently.

Lord Mayor of Melbourne Sally Capp (Image: AAP/James Ross)

Melbourne goes postal as it readies for council elections, lockdown-style

The pandemic looms large over next month's council elections.

(Image: AAP/James Ross)

How bad is Victoria’s financial position? Let's count the ways

Victoria's balance sheet is in more strife than any other Australian government. There's very little left in the tank.

Moonee Valley Race Day on August 1, 2020 (Image: AAP/Supplied)

Will a $761,000 donation to Labor help reopen the pokies? We'll soon find out

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews will have to make a decision on when the pokies will reopen. What should he do?

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