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Review: Don Pasquale -- Joan Sutherland Theatre, Sydney

StageJul 26, 2013

Review: White Rabbit, Red Rabbit -- Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne

StageJul 26, 2013

Review: 1001 Nights -- GreenHouse, Brisbane

StageJul 26, 2013

Review: A Tender Thing -- Visy Theatre, Brisbane

StageMay 17, 2013

Review: Dance of Death -- Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne

StageMay 17, 2013

Theatre review: <em>Forget Me Not</em> -- Belvoir St Theatre, Sydney

Theatre review: Forget Me Not -- Belvoir St Theatre, Sydney

StageMay 17, 2013

There’s an awkward, eloquent silence to Tom Holloway’s Forget Me Not. It’s one of the finest Belvoir St Theatre productions in quite some time, writes Lloyd Bradford Syke.

Theatre review: Cavalia -- Brisbane Airport Big Top

StageMar 18, 2013

It's a show with horses far removed from the circus tent or race track. Under a white big top, Cavalia is full of fire and vitality and a sense of the oneness of all things.

Theatre review: <em>Skeleton</em> Beckett Theatre, Melbourne

Theatre review: Skeleton Beckett Theatre, Melbourne

StageMar 18, 2013

Intense, dark and wildly creative, Skeleton intrigues from the outset. The Dance Massive work is unconventional, even distressing, but rewarding theatre, writes Corina Thorose.

Theatre review: Don Quixote -- State Theatre, Melbourne

StageMar 18, 2013

Rudolf Nureyev came to Australia to create one of the world's greatest ever productions of Don Quixote. Some 40 years later a couple of Australian dancers bring it back to brilliant life, writes Mark Pearce.

Theatre review: Becky Shaw -- Ensemble Theatre, Sydney

StageNov 9, 2012

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