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Suzanne Smith —

Suzanne Smith

Suzie was a senior reporter for Inq. She left the team at the end of 2019.

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#29Leaks: has the ADF been caught up in a Russian money laundering scheme?

As part of the #29Leaks data leak, Inq and Michael West Media investigate a disturbing story involving the ADF, Russian contractors, and allegations of money laundering using Australian taxpayer funds.

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The story behind the #29Leaks data dump

15 years of leaked data is being released today as part of #29Leaks. Here's how this treasure trove came together — and what it could tell us.

China's enemies of the state in Australia

China's surveillance operations in Australia have spiked dramatically in recent years. Inq speaks to one dissident who spent a week being interrogated in a Chinese hotel room and says there is a network of informants operating on Australian soil.

Chinese spying on dissidents in Australia reaches new levels

The Chinese government is not only spying on Chinese nationals in Australia, but on Australians themselves. Inq hears first-hand from those who believe they are being watched.

Protection from ‘on high’

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who will guard the guards? For centuries, the Catholic church has been self-policing, but now there are those fighting for reform.

The Marist Brothers and a secret list of 154 accused child sex offenders

One hundred and fifty-four brothers have been accused of sexually assaulting students at Marist schools, but their identity and whether they are still teaching remains a secret.

Inside the mind of the paedophile priest

Almost 1900 child sexual abusers have been identified in Australian Catholic churches. The average victim was under 12. What led people to commit such horrible crimes on such a staggering scale?