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Scott Ludlam — Former Greens Senator

Scott Ludlam

Former Greens Senator

Want to fix energy policy? Ban lobbyists

According to a former Greens senator, lobbyists have corrupted government policy for too long.

Can progressives actually defeat the Morrison government shitshow?

Yes, Australia is turning away from the hard-right. Yes, the federal government is in chaos. But Labor and the Greens can hardly sit back and assume a 2019 federal election win.

Refugee and journalist Behrouz Boochani (Image: Amnesty International)

Is this Australia's refugee tipping point?

There is a tipping point where suddenly political advantage comes from demonstrating humanity rather than working to extinguish it. But has Australia reached that point yet?

Panguna mine in Boungainville, 1971. (Image: Robert Owen Winkler)

New report signals bright outlook for Bougainville, despite dark past

Recently released economic analysis could signal great things for the PNG island, but only if lessons are learned from its catastrophic history.

How WikiLeaks became a political Rorschach test

The WikiLeaks of 2010 seems very different to the WikiLeaks of today. But is it the organisation that's changed, or just our way of looking at it?