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Qatar, their Cup runneth over

Qatar, their Cup runneth over

Scott BridgesDec 3, 20108 Comments

When the World Cup bid win announcement was made, the Qatar crowd erupted, as did several strategically placed glitter cannons loaded with little plastic Qatari flags. Parents hugged children, men hugged men, and ex-pats shook locals’ hands.

Letter from Iran: nuts and riots aside, extreme kindness lives here

Scott BridgesAug 25, 20107 Comments

Over 30 days I interacted with the people of Iran like I've never interacted with the people of a foreign country before. Nowhere have I encountered a people so universally kind, friendly and generous.

Camping in the Kaluts

Camping in the Kaluts

Scott BridgesAug 9, 2010

Waking to a desert sunrise and having a dip in a genuine oasis, Scott Bridges tells of his camping trip to Kaults, a formation of eroded rocks in Iran.

Getting to know the friendly, welcoming face of Iran

Getting to know the friendly, welcoming face of Iran

Scott BridgesJul 14, 20101 Comment

As so many who’ve been to Iran have told me, the openness, generosity and kindness of the Iranians is overwhelming.

First Iran-pressions

Scott BridgesJul 13, 2010

Scott Bridges has landed in Tehran, a city full of concrete in various states of disrepair, air conditioner units hanging out of every window at precarious angles and monolithic ’60s-era high-rises.

Prepare for an imminent mystery departure...

Scott BridgesJun 15, 2010

Back in a Bit blogger Scott Bridges is off on another adventure. Where would you go in the world if you had two months of responsibility-free time and a big budget?

When in Rome, don't be a testa di cazzo

Scott BridgesJan 29, 2010

Why do some tourists go on holiday to foreign locations and then turn into total ars*holes when things are different than they are at home? Scott Bridges feels ashamed on behalf of The Rest Of The World.

How do you dispose of rubbish in a country with no rubbish disposal?

Scott BridgesJan 18, 2010

In Australia we're conditioned our whole lives to "put it in the bin". So what do you do when travelling in a country where people throw rubbish out of buses or just drop it where they're standing? asks Scott Bridges from India.

Your chance to win a terrible deathly disease...

Scott BridgesJan 13, 2010

Back in a Bit blogger Scott Bridges turned over his menu in Mysore, India to discover a helpful little public health message about the golden opportunities available to smokers. First prize: death!

A very Delhi belly Christmas

A very Delhi belly Christmas

Scott BridgesDec 28, 2009

Christmas wasn't quite the presents and turkey standard for Scott Bridges, thanks to the joys of travel gastro. Instead, he reflects on the season with some light Indian Christmas television. Isn't travel glamorous?