Rebekah Holt

Freelance journalist


Media Adviser: burnout doesn’t need to be part of a journo’s job

June 13, 2018 2

The media's known for being a high-stress environment. Maybe it's time for it to take on the support systems of other high-stress industries.

Jacinda, please put these whiny little boys in their place

May 29, 2018 8

The New Zealand PM is rising above anonymous abuse in the House of Reps, but maybe it's time to let loose and give the Westminster system the kick up the arse it needs.

Media Adviser: help! They want me to start reading the comments section!

May 23, 2018 9

It's a truth universally acknowledged that a reporter should never, ever read the comments section. But what if they're forced to?

Media Adviser: being 40-something in a modern newsroom makes me feel like a dinosaur

April 30, 2018 6

In the middle of news media's biggest moment of crisis, the kids aren't the problem, and you could be part of the solution, Media Adviser explains.

Border Force can’t even seem to deport a man competently

April 13, 2018 17

A man suddenly removed from immigration detention in New South Wales has not been heard from since being put on a flight.

Media Adviser: a guide to dealing with the newsroom arsehole

April 11, 2018 3

When you have a star on staff who's bringing in money but making life miserable for everyone else, it's important to remember stars for what they are: huge balls of burning gas.

Media Adviser: should Karl Stefanovic sue Uber for his phone call drama?

March 27, 2018 2

As the internal saga continues at Channel Nine, questions remain about unspoken privacy contracts and legal ramifications for Uber.

Media Adviser: a dummy’s guide to booking panels

March 15, 2018 1

How do you organise a panel on a controversial subject without causing a national outrage? Rebekah Holt offers advice in a brand new column.

Barnaby Joyce’s overshare leaves media with a choice

March 5, 2018 32

Now only media bosses, not journalists, can decide how to handle the Joyce affair with maturity.

The increasingly deranged diary of a detention centre visitor

February 9, 2018 3

If the Department of Home Affairs was trying to stop detention centre visits with its new, punitive visitation procedures, then it may have worked.

Young, unmarried couple in New Zealand have sex. You won’t believe what happens next!

January 22, 2018 11

News that New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern was pregnant sent the country into a frenzy last week. We examine the responses which ranged from lovely to bizarre to downright nonsensical.

Latest changes to detention centre protocols provoke hunger strikes, heartache

January 17, 2018 7

New restrictions on visitation to Australian detention centres seem needlessly cruel. Rebekah Holt investigates the results of such measures and asks why they're deemed necessary in the first place.