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Australia’s 15 most powerful journalists and editors

Australia’s 15 most powerful journalists and editors

October 4, 2012

Over the next month The Power Index will be running our next power list on the most powerful journalists and editors. Here is the shortlist.

Why George Pell is Australia’s most influential religious leader

Why George Pell is Australia’s most influential religious leader

October 4, 2012

If Tony Abbott becomes our next prime minister, as many predict, there's one holy man best placed to whisper into his ear: cardinal George Pell, writes Tom Cowie.

Power 50: indestructible mogul Murdoch … world-beating Treasurer Swan …

August 1, 2012

No.3: Rupert Murdoch (chairman, News Coporation). At 81, Rupert Murdoch can still fly into Australia to sack his right-hand man, rip apart the front pages, terrify his editors and have them hanging on his every word in case they should fail to catch a passing wish. Meanwhile, his 175 newspapers around the world dutifully spout his […]

Power 50: RBA boss Stevens … Opp Leader Abbott …

July 31, 2012 3 Comments

No.5: Glenn Stevens (governor, Reserve Bank of Australia). Glenn Stevens calls himself Sydney’s most boring person. And he probably is. Other people call him conservative and overpaid. And he probably is. Either way, you won’t see the RBA governor eating out at flashy restaurants or hanging around with other movers and shakers; the bald-headed Baptist […]

Power 50: media regulator Conroy … Fairfax stalker Rinehart …

July 30, 2012

No.7: Stephen Conroy (cabinet minister). Stephen Conroy may look like a nerd, a guy who gets sand kicked in his face. But he’s tough, smart, determined, and a bit of a Superman. So it’s fitting that he’s minister for telephone boxes, or broadband, communications and the digital economy, as they call the job nowadays. In the […]

Power 50: News boss Williams … Telstra kingpin Thodey …

July 26, 2012

No.9: Kim Williams (CEO, News Limited). Kim Williams is the boss of News Ltd, which publishes two-thirds of Australia’s metropolitan newspapers and more than 120 suburban or regional titles. We don’t need to tell you how powerful it makes him. But we reckon playing second fiddle to Rupert Murdoch must be a tough gig for the […]

Power 50: Greens Leader Milne … NSW Premier O’Farrell …

Power 50: Greens Leader Milne … NSW Premier O’Farrell …

July 25, 2012

No.11: Christine Milne (Greens leader). Christine Milne’s ascension to one of the most powerful positions in Australian politics — controlling the balance of power in the Senate — saw the Greens senator described as a hardliner and uncompromising. That was the opinion of one unidentified Labor figure. But it was an observation that informed much of […]

Power 50: premier Newman … minister Shorten … BHP boss Kloppers …

July 24, 2012

No.14: Campbell Newman (Queensland Premier). Campbell Newman’s astounding sweep to victory as Queensland premier in March has made him one of the most powerful conservative figures in the land. Up against Labor’s netball team of seven opposition members (compared with the Liberal National Party’s 78 MPs), Newman has near-unbridled authority in Queensland’s unicameral parliament to slam through […]

Power 50: shopping king Lowy … media baron Mitchell … Oz ed Mitchell …

July 19, 2012

No.17: Frank Lowy (Westfield co-founder and FFA chairman). As founder of Westfield and the modern mall, Frank Lowy has had a huge impact on the way we live, shop and work. But that’s just for starters; in 2003, he set up the Lowy Institute for International Policy, arguably Australia’s leading think tank. The 81-year-old entrepreneur, who […]

Power 50: Treasury sec Parkinson … premier Baillieu … Seven king Stokes …

July 17, 2012

No.20: Martin Parkinson (Treasury secretary). Treasury boss Martin Parkinson is steering Australia through the murkiest global economic conditions seen since the Great Depression. It helps that he’s one of the most well-credentialed purse-string holders we’ve ever had. With a pHD from Princeton (where he studied under current Fed chief Ben Bernanke) and degrees from the […]