Paula Matthewson — Political commentator and communications adviser

Paula Matthewson

Political commentator and communications adviser

Paula Matthewson is a political commentator and communications adviser. She is a former media advisor to John Howard.


When Coalition crisis degenerates into internal warfare, who will be left with the pieces?

November 7, 2017 17

If Abbott's quest for vengeance is meant to be a secret, it's not a very good one.

Matthewson: Tony Abbott is completely out of touch on renewable energy and here’s why

September 20, 2017 52

Shooting for Turnbull on energy policy, Abbott and Credlin's latest misfire only alienates them further from their own voters.

Quotas, WhatsApp: the troubled future of the Coalition’s sorority

August 28, 2017 13

There are fewer female Coalition MPs than there have been for a generation. Paula Matthewson investigates how to change this unrepresentative old boys' club.

Matthewson: don’t give homophobes a platform in marriage ‘debate’

August 11, 2017 9

If you wouldn’t uncritically air the views of anti-vaxxers or climate change conspiracists, you should avoid lending credibility to those who would demonise gays or reframe marriage equality as an attack on free speech.

Matthewson: is Dastyari on the comeback trail, or bushwhacking in the political wilderness?

August 4, 2017 10

It's difficult to tell how successful, if at all, the young Senator will be at convincing the public he has rehabilitated.

Matthewson: what’s a guy gotta do to pass marriage equality around here?

July 28, 2017 9

Dean Smith continues to press on with plans to overturn or bypass the Liberals’ plebiscite policy by bringing a private member’s bill on marriage equality to the Parliament.

Matthewson: the brutes in our Parliament seed an adversarial, bullying culture

Matthewson: the brutes in our Parliament seed an adversarial, bullying culture

July 21, 2017 16

Anger and abuse are by no means the sole province of conservative politics, but there is no doubt that public discourse has become more nasty and antagonistic since Abbott commenced his campaign to tear down Julia Gillard in 2009.

Matthewson: Turnbull just pulled a Credlin and reset the agenda

July 12, 2017 21

Malcolm Turnbull has desperately needed a way to reconnect with the moderate/progressive voters that once had high hopes for him but now have stopped listening. The London speech might be it.

Matthewson: Abbott’s push to ‘democratise’ the NSW Libs isn’t about democracy at all

July 5, 2017 26

On its face, Tony Abbott’s call for “democratic” reform of the NSW Liberal Party seems perfectly reasonable. But only on its face ...

Matthewson: Tony Abbott’s plan for revenge has gone horribly wrong

June 30, 2017 14

Tony Abbott was counting on a fifth column of conservatives within the Liberal Party to help him bring down Malcolm Turnbull. But the conservatives are closing ranks.

Malcolm Turnbull needs to reconnect with voters. Bill Shorten can show him how.

June 28, 2017 21

Malcolm Turnbull needs to spend his winter break productively reconnecting with voters. And weirdly, Bill Shorten knows just the thing.

George Christensen and the dark art of going ‘faux-rogue’ to woo voters

June 21, 2017 8

The bluster of a floor-crossing is little more than theatrics, and George Christensen's recent effort is no exception.

Matthewson: Turnbull should crash through on Finkel — he’s crashing anyway

June 15, 2017 25

Malcolm Turnbull is almost certainly going to lose the next election, thanks to Tony Abbott's constant sniping and undermining. So he might as well go down fighting -- and what better cause than saving the Earth?

Batten down the hatches: Malcolm Turnbull’s centrist push is creating a group of angry conservatives

June 5, 2017 14

Malcolm Turnbull is starting to deliver the centrist government many voters expected of him. But in doing so the PM will also incite a perfect storm of resistance from the conservative insurgents within his own party.

Matthewson: Hinch is wrong — bureaucrats should absolutely be given training to deal with Senate estimates

June 1, 2017 4

Senate estimates is a gladiatorial arena for political point-scoring and payback, and it's only fair that senior departmental staff be prepared for the adversarialism of the process.

Turnbull’s new political strategy channels Rudd. Let’s hope he can stick the landing.

May 26, 2017 15

This month’s budget could be seen as an attempt by Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison to emulate Rudd’s 2007 campaigning success.

Matthewson: no, Bill Shorten does not really want a federal ICAC

May 23, 2017 6

Bill Shorten seems to be making noises about a federal ICAC. But it's all sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Matthewson: how will the Greens navigate ‘leftie’ budget measures?

May 15, 2017 11

Will the Greens take a "pragmatic" approach to Scott Morrison's "pragmatic" budget? Or will they stay the party of the protest vote?

Matthewson’s fantasy budget: back to basics

May 8, 2017 5

The back to basics budget would focus on creating jobs, improving living standards and protecting the disadvantaged.

Matthewson: Credlin’s feminist posturing rings hollow

May 2, 2017 6

Peta Credlin works hard to cultivate the impression that she’s an advocate and supporter of the advancement of women, but the reality is often quite the opposite.