Patrick Baume

iSentia Group Communications Manager


Isentia Index: politics and reality TV

October 26, 2016 1

Surely Australian Survivor isn't that big a deal, right?

Isentia Index: dogs, disasters and Donald

October 12, 2016

International news was the biggest source of chatter this week.

Isentia Index: disasters aplenty

Isentia Index: disasters aplenty

October 5, 2016

Fairytales on the field and disasters in the natural world got people talking this week.

Isentia Index: disasters from Forbes to Aleppo

September 28, 2016

Debates and disasters dominated media coverage this week.

Isentia Index: September 15-21

Isentia Index: September 15-21

September 21, 2016

This week's news ran from the heavy to the lightweight, celeb gossip and all.

Isentia Index: political donations and our sports failures

September 7, 2016

Political donation law is what got everybody talking over the past week.

Isentia Index: marriage equality, money and politics get people talking

August 31, 2016

The new parliament is set to start with a bang, as all the issues of the old one have been left to fester.

Isentia Index: Olympics, Census and the Nauru Files

August 16, 2016

If the Olympics have lost their lustre, nobody's told the punters.

Isentia Index: crashes all round

August 10, 2016

Interest rates and Census concerns were the main talking points in the media over the past week.

Isentia index: Rio takes gold, Harry Potter the wooden spoon

Isentia index: Rio takes gold, Harry Potter the wooden spoon

August 3, 2016 1

Hard news had a big win over the soft stuff this week.

Isentia Index: fear across Europe, and a focus on defence in the new ministry

July 20, 2016

Pauline Hanson is back and here to stay.

Isentia Index: This election is finally done, and so are the dishlickers

July 13, 2016 3

Mike Baird and Taylor Swift make their returns to the Index.

Isentia Index: Are you paying attention yet?

July 6, 2016

The election may have finally sparked the interest of most Australians, after it was meant to be over, by not being over. Media coverage has focused on recriminations on the Coalition side after what looked like a landslide nine months ago became Australia’s second draw in three elections. They don’t even have draws in Test […]

Isentia index: Your fear factor commences now

June 22, 2016

It's scare campaigns and fearmongering all round in this week's media roundup.

Isentia Index: Hang on, it turns out the climate may be changing? Well I never

June 15, 2016

Election fatigue has truly set in.

Isentia Index: the election campaign that wasn’t there drags on

June 8, 2016

The Greatest makes his farewell as the election drags on.

Isentia Index: dairy crisis and tomato sledges bring Barnaby to the fore

June 1, 2016

Barnaby Joyce ended up just behind Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten in the number of media mentions this week.

Isentia Index: Turnbull and Shorten bat on, despite the lack of a crowd.

May 25, 2016

News and Fairfax websites have all but given up on election coverage, burying it somewhere between the GoT spoiler and the latest car review down at the bottom of the home page, but the leaders and parts of the media are batting on manfully, as the campaign comes more and more to resemble your average […]

Isentia Index: the phoney war continues

May 18, 2016

Another week grinds on in the campaign, as the media turns on an undeserving victim.

Isentia Index: Who won the first week? Was it Masterchef or the Voice?

May 11, 2016 1

The election campaign has only just kicked off, but voters are already fatigued.