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Noel Turnbull

Noel Turnbull —

Noel Turnbull

Adjunct professor of media and communications at RMIT University.


Come in Spinner: the Greek/Roman/Shakespearean tragedy of Labor

Noel TurnbullFeb 27, 2012

Reading essays and works on 19th and much of 2oth centuries politics it is difficult to avoid the frequent classical allusions and the strong sense of historical context that gave events.

When diving into PR it’s the degree of difficulty

Noel TurnbullFeb 22, 2012

The Power Index’s top 10 PR people raises some fascinating questions about how you judge PR people.

Come in Spinner: framing the Middle East

Noel TurnbullFeb 20, 20122 Comments

Amid all the turmoil within the Middle East, diplomats, governments, communities and political advisers spend an enormous amount of time trying to frame the turmoil and events in ways that best suit their own aims.

Come in Spinner: why we make dumb choices

Noel TurnbullFeb 8, 20123 Comments

Why do political pundits, company directors, stockbroking analysts, investors, policy people, governments and just about every one you can think of make dumb choices?

Special delight that is PR fail schadenfreude

Special delight that is PR fail schadenfreude

Noel TurnbullFeb 6, 2012

When things go wrong in the PR field, it is fascinating to map who most enjoys the resulting schadenfreude.

Protests and social media -- old wine in new bottles?

Noel TurnbullJan 16, 2012

With the first anniversary of the Egyptian revolution approaching, it is interesting to look back, in the context of some new research, on the widespread belief that social media was a decisive factor in the uprising.

Come in Spinner: how the so-called experts always get it wrong

Noel TurnbullJan 10, 20122 Comments

It’s that time of the year again -- the time that pundits make predictably erroneous predictions about the coming year.

Come in Spinner: why do we believe so much that's wrong?

Noel TurnbullOct 26, 20119 Comments

One of the great conundrums of modern life is how so many people have come to believe so much that is just plain wrong.

Come in Spinner: common and uncommon sense -- who'd believe the latter?

Noel TurnbullJul 19, 2011

Millions of Australians have been listening to, and reading, the predictions of political pundits, economic forecasters, broking firm analysts, experts and others about what might happen in politics and the world.

From scrolls to codices to iPads -- welcome @thePope

Noel TurnbullJul 4, 2011

While the Christians lead the way with the codex, they are catching up, a bit late, with the next piece of revolutionary technology -- the digital pad.