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Noel Turnbull

Noel Turnbull —

Noel Turnbull

Adjunct professor of media and communications at RMIT University.


The social media revolution (?)

Noel TurnbullMay 25, 20121 Comment

Everybody in PR agrees that social media is revolutionising PR -- it’s just that most of them are a bit vague about exactly how.

Come in Spinner: living on another planet

Noel TurnbullMay 22, 20122 Comments

The modern science-fiction genre has moved on from bug-eyed monsters and spaceships and is now more likely to explore alternative worlds and realities -- often interacting or existing simultaneously.

Come in Spinner: a new narrative for Julia Gillard

Noel TurnbullMay 17, 20122 Comments

Australians pride themselves on their resilience and the belief in our resilience is so strong that it can be used as a basis for a national narrative.

Come in Spinner: PR agencies in a spin over sense of belonging

Noel TurnbullMay 15, 20124 Comments

The PR industry is experiencing a bit of a kerfuffle at present.

Unexpected mystery at the atheists' convention

Noel TurnbullApr 16, 20129 Comments

It seems like a bit of a mystery when you hear at an atheists’ convention what a good job Christians are doing to help defend the rights of women against fundamentalist Muslims.

Drugs war reforms will sink on fear and sunk cost fallacies

Noel TurnbullApr 12, 20126 Comments

From drugs to transport ticketing systems, policies, events, product developments, factories, new businesses and wars, many otherwise calculating political and corporate leaders become quite irrational when it comes to having to say enough is enough.

Come in Spinner: when political rhetoric comes back to haunt you ...

Noel TurnbullMar 29, 20121 Comment

One of the great things about shameless use of rhetoric and ridicule is that it inspires backbenchers to bay for more. One of the less great things is that it can come back to haunt you. Take Joe Hockey, for example...

What the media must know about Anzac Day

Noel TurnbullMar 27, 20128 Comments

It’s a little over a month away from one of those immensely important historic dates -- April 25 -- which prompt us to think about who were are and how we got here.

PR and the loss of civility

PR and the loss of civility

Noel TurnbullMar 21, 20121 Comment

Are the PR industry and the media to blame for the loss of civility in public life? PR industry critics argue that it is inherent in the nature of the industry and the interests it serves.

Come in Spinner: how much of uni branding spending is wasted?

Noel TurnbullMar 9, 2012

Universities in Australia and Britain have been spending more and more on marketing themselves, and seeking to create unique brands that will allegedly help them succeed.