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Meredith Burgmann

Writer and former Labor MLC

Dr Meredith Burgmann is a former leader of the Anti-Apartheid Movement and a previous Labor President of the NSW Legislative Council.

(Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

Why the democracy sausage is a uniquely Australian experience

When it comes to voting in Australia, this delicious national pastime is certainly not the wurst.

Julie Bishop is embraced by Kelly O'Dwyer (Image: AAP/Sam Mooy)

If they’re lucky, Liberal women might achieve equity in 2044

Even with quotas, the pace of change in Labor was deadly slow. The Libs must get moving now.

Australian democracy protesters in the line of fire amid Paris terror plot

A peaceful democracy protest in France almost ended in tragedy for several Australians. Where is the response from the foreign ministry?

Inside Australia's surreal and secret diplomatic history with North Korea

Australia didn't officially have diplomatic ties to North Korea from 1975-2000. What we had instead is much stranger.

'Fifty years is a long time in politics': remembering the passion and protest of May 1968

May 1968 wasn't just about France. A serial Australian protester remembers their version of events from Australia and the world.

The forgotten Anzac Day protests of the '80s

The 1980s heralded a swell of protests highlighting the treatment of women in war, and the role of rape as a weapon. Decades later, the problem is still invisible.

Look at it from South Africa’s point of view ...

Debate in South Africa around Australia's obsession with the "plight" of white farmers has revealed that it's nobody's problem but Australia's.