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Classic album? The Beach Boys <em>Pet Sounds</em>

Classic album? The Beach Boys Pet Sounds

Neil WalkerJun 23, 2011

1966′s Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys is an album steeped in music history lore. Join the first of new Crikey music blog earworm's weekly open threads with Neil Walker reviewing so-called classic albums.

Anti-social media: should the medium kill the message?

Neil WalkerFeb 7, 20111 Comment

Media outlets tend to broadcast any information they can glean from social network sites, giving killers their “15 minutes of fame”, writes Neil Walker.

Meet the 22 FIFA men who will decide Australia's 2022 World Cup fate

Compiled by Neil WalkerDec 2, 20105 Comments

Who are the 22 men whose votes will decide where the 2022 World Cup is held? And how are they likely to vote? Neil Walker investigates.

As we roll out the repeats, time to get smarter on TV smoking

Neil WalkerOct 19, 20105 Comments

While this tussle between health professionals and the tobacco industry unfolds, another, less overt, tobacco industry-funded TV campaign is getting air time on youth-oriented day-time TV every day.

Is Erin Brockovich's image losing its Shine?

Neil WalkerOct 8, 201010 Comments

Boosted by her Hollywood success, crusading legal eagle Erin Brockovich has attached her name to numerous firms, including Shine Lawyers in Australia. But does he know about Shine's shady past, asks Neil Walker

Wake up to Paul Weller

Neil WalkerAug 30, 2010

The Rolling Stones are an embarrassment. Paul Wellers shows them how to igrow old(er) and retain some credibility. His new album Wake Up The Nation is one of the best of the year, says Neil Walker.

The Wankley Award goes to… The Daily Tele's Paul 'flogger' Kent

Neil WalkerAug 27, 20102 Comments

Leave Matthew Newton alone. That’s exactly what the media should be doing right now.

Local snapshot: Flinders ALP candidate accuses Abbott of contributing to suicides

Local snapshot: Flinders ALP candidate accuses Abbott of contributing to suicides

Neil WalkerJul 20, 20102 Comments

Whatever your view of Tony Abbott and his policies, it’s a bit much to accuse him of contributing to suicides. And yet a prospective Labor MP for the seat of Flinders has done exactly that.

Get a load of Kick-Ass the comic book

Neil WalkerJun 28, 20101 Comment

It’s a good time to be a comic books geek. Hollywood is regularly raiding the comics world for inspiration. If you enjoyed the superhero film Kick-Ass then try the comic book.

Leave Pim alone!

Neil WalkerJun 17, 2010

Socceroos coach Pim Verbeek has quite rightly, coped a fair whack over Australia’s defeat in its opening match of the World Cup but some of the criticism has been well over the top, says Neil Walker.

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