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Mark Bahnisch


Mark Bahnisch —

Mark Bahnisch

Brisbane-based political analyst and Centre for Policy Development fellow


A Catholic prays: may Pope Francis live up to his name

A Catholic prays: may Pope Francis live up to his name

Dr Mark BahnischMar 14, 20132 Comments

Pope Francis will bring to the Papacy a rich heritage of openness, of willingness to walk alongside, of reflection and action in the world. At least that's what one Catholic prays.

Qld's health blueprint a clarion call for privatising services

Dr Mark BahnischMar 5, 201312 Comments

The Queensland government has proposed radical changes to the delivery of health services that need careful consideration. But it doesn't seem to be waiting for consultation.

Uncertain prognosis for QLD health after Dr Newman's cuts

Dr Mark BahnischJan 25, 2013

Last year's headlines were full of Queensland Health job cuts and cuts to other health prevention programs in the sunshine state. It's a new year, but the consequences of budget setting

Why Clive and Bob are running Queensland politics

Why Clive and Bob are running Queensland politics

Dr Mark BahnischJan 11, 20134 Comments

A political void has left Clive Palmer and Bob Katter in the spotlight in Queensland. They pose twin but very different threats to Campbell Newman's government and conservative forces down south.

There's plenty behind LNP's voluntary voting thought bubble

Dr Mark BahnischJan 4, 201317 Comments

The Queensland LNP's proposal on voluntary voting is aimed at creating a diversion, seeking partisan advantage and creating a smokescreen to hide possible changes on political donations.

From Can Do to can't hold it together: Newman's struggle

Dr Mark BahnischDec 10, 201211 Comments

There's something in the water in Queensland politics. Here's the tale of how Campbell Newman, swept to power with a thumping majority, is now under pressure from inside and outside his party.

About Coal Seam Gas: Behind the seams

Dr Mark BahnischFeb 20, 20121 Comment

Working in conjunction with the prominent Australian independent media website, Crikey, we will be mining for facts and going behind the seams to tell the whole story of how CSG has become so controversial, how the debate has been shaped, and its policy and political implications.

Behind the Seams: why coal seam gas is central to Qld election

Behind the Seams: why coal seam gas is central to Qld election

Dr Mark BahnischFeb 20, 20128 Comments

If the major political parties are both framing the state election as about managing the fruits of prosperity, then the boom in coal seam gas and liquefied natural gas production is at its heart.

A poll-free guide to the chances in Queensland

Dr Mark BahnischAug 20, 2010

Labor’s problems in Queensland -- which are real -- do have quite a bit to do with Kevin Rudd’s demise and the unpopularity of the Bligh state government. But not quite in the way usually discussed.

David Marr’s anger hypothesis is torturously argued

David Marr’s anger hypothesis is torturously argued

by Larvatus Prodeo blogger Mark BahnischJun 9, 201065 Comments

Kevin Rudd should be judged on the public benefits of his actions, not on a whole bunch of inferences from his biography and cherry picking by David Marr in his Quarterly Essay on Rudd.

https://www.crikey.com.au/2010/06/09/david-marr%e2%80%99s-anger-hypothesis-is-torturously-argued/ == https://www.crikey.com.au/free-trial/==https://www.crikey.com.au/subscribe/

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