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Margot Saville — Sydney-based freelance journalist

Margot Saville

Sydney-based freelance journalist

Margot Saville practised as a lawyer for one year before becoming a journalist in 1987. She has worked at The Australian, ABC Television, the Nine Network and The Sydney Morning Herald.

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Age editor's demise highlights indifference towards mainstream media

Alex Lavelle's sudden resignation didn't rock Melbourne society's boat. He sank as he rose — unknown and unlamented by no one other than staff.

Eryn Jean Norvill (Image: AAP/Peter Rae)

Rush of blood set back Me Too, tarnished a superstar and star in the making

In its rush to publish its Me Too story, The Daily Telegraph set back the movement in Australia.

(Image: AAP/Alan Porritt)

A question of probity: was 'Dirty' Dyson Heydon biased against women?

Findings of sexual misconduct by former High Court justice Dyson Heydon have brought fresh questions about his rulings.

What the left wants our post-COVID world to look like

While the right is making sure not to waste a good crisis, some on the left are doing their fare share rent-seeking themselves.

Business Council of Australia chief executive Jennifer Westacott.

What the right wants our post-COVID world to look like

As the saying goes, 'never waste a good crisis'. So who's out here rent-seeking from the right?

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Faith versus science in the US: 'God is larger than the virus'

Easter has been the battleground for a whole new version of the coronavirus lockdown debate in the United States.

Author and journalist Jess Hill speaking in 2017 (Image: AAP/Paul Miller)

Silence be damned: book for these troubled times takes out top prize

2020 Stella Prize winner See What You Made Me Do, an examination of domestic violence, is a fitting book for Australia's unprecedented crisis.

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A simple way to survive the virus crisis? Be rich

Medical concierges, private jets and Michelin-starred takeaway: the virus doesn't discriminate, but it's definitely easier to get by if you're wealthy.

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Want to nullify Bettina? First step, cut the outrage

Mad about Bettina Arndt? Then maybe you should stop tweeting about her.

Nina Funnell and Bettina Arndt (Images: Twitter/Facebook)

Memo for Nina and Bettina: it's time to start fighting the real enemy

A legal spat between journalist Nina Funnell and shock commentator Bettina Arndt continues while the real enemy escapes.