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Margaret Simons

Margaret Simons —

Margaret Simons

Journalist, author and director of the Centre for Advanced Journalism


Simons: in a paywalled world, it won't be what's new but what's valued

Margaret SimonsAug 31, 20125 Comments

Content behind the paywall, whether it is analysis or news, will have to be born of journalists who take the time to understand context and nuance rather than rely on traditional values.

The free-fall of Fairfax: only our news appetite will save it

Margaret SimonsAug 24, 201224 Comments

What are the possible futures for Fairfax Media, following the latest lurch in what the company points out is the biggest restructure in its history?

How do we defend editorial integrity in the post-industrial age?

Margaret SimonsJun 26, 20121 Comment

The situation of Fairfax Media, with three editors standing down in one day, make this a good time to think carefully about what journalists mean by editorial independence.

Simons: the bottom line ... news or profitability?

Margaret SimonsJun 8, 201223 Comments

There is a respectable point of view among those who analyse media businesses that the smart thing to do for serious news journalism is move to the political right.

Idiot's Guide to the Convergence Review: public and community broadcasting

Margaret SimonsMay 8, 2012

The Convergence Review gives non-commercial media, including the ABC, SBS and community broadcasters, a nice deal on spectrum, the suggestion of access to more money, and a pat on the back for doing a good job.

Idiot's Guide to the Convergence Review: content standards

Margaret SimonsMay 4, 20121 Comment

How does the Convergence Review balance its deregulatory vibe with its assertion that content standards are still necessary, because the community expects them and because failing to restrict access to some content can do harm?

Simons: review says Finkelstein got regs diagnosis right, prescription wrong

Margaret SimonsMay 1, 20122 Comments

The Convergence Review Report has effectively concluded that Ray Finkelstein got the diagnosis right but the prescription wrong when he recommended statutory regulation for news media.

Idiot's Guide to the Convergence Review: the principles

Margaret SimonsMay 1, 20121 Comment

So the Convergence Review report is big -- very big, in number of pages and in implications.

The Oz sued for defamation by former OPI employee

Margaret SimonsApr 30, 20122 Comments

The Australian and reporter Chip Le Grand are being sued for defamation over a series of stories published last December in which a former Office of Police Integrity manager was accused of bullying.

New Kid on the Block: a True approach to music

Margaret SimonsApr 11, 2012

Collapse Board, a music website, is this week's entrant in Crikey's occasional series New Kid on the Block.