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Malcolm Mackerras


You call that an electoral landslide? <em>These</em> were electoral landslides

You call that an electoral landslide? These were electoral landslides

Malcolm MackerrasSep 24, 20133 Comments

Tony Abbott did not secure a landslide victory, writes Australian Catholic University psephologist Malcolm Mackerras. In fact, only one Labor government since the 1950s lost in a landslide.

The extraordinary feat of a byelection-free Parliament

The extraordinary feat of a byelection-free Parliament

Malcolm MackerrasMay 13, 20132 Comments

Why haven't any Australian MPs resigned since the last election? The country's first uninterrupted Parliament in 62 years has defied all expectations. These days, MPs just won't die.

Gillard was right to name date, but did it wrong

Gillard was right to name date, but did it wrong

Malcolm MackerrasFeb 12, 201313 Comments

Julia Gillard's decision to name the election date in advance was regarded as "unprecedented" by a hostile press gallery. But Harold Holt -- and NZ's John Key -- both announced the date months out.

Mackerras: our democracy is the least-worst of the bunch

Malcolm MackerrasMay 30, 20129 Comments

Al Smith, failed 1928 Democratic candidate for the US presidency, said "all the ills of democracy can be cured by more democracy". Looking at recent elections in Greece and Australia, he was mostly right.

Mackerras: parliamentary representation and the case for reform

Malcolm MackerrasApr 13, 20122 Comments

I think that the interests of good government are best served by giving the single biggest party a bonus when votes are translated into seats.

Mackerras: narrowing a date for the next poll

Malcolm MackerrasJul 26, 20115 Comments

While the parliaments of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and both territories do have scheduled election dates, our federal parliament does not, writes psephologist Malcolm Mackerras.

MacKerras: forget byelections ... we're off to polls in October 2013

Malcolm MackerrasJul 20, 20116 Comments

The current Parliament will run its full three-year term.

MacKerras: the conservative case for electoral reform across the Anglosphere

Malcolm MackerrasJan 20, 20113 Comments

The Conservative Party got the better of the Liberal-Democrats in the negotiations for coalition government. And a new electoral reform agenda will likely go their way, too.

MacKerras: plan to vote next on October 19, 2013

Malcolm MackerrasOct 13, 20103 Comments

I feel emboldened now to name Saturday, October 19, 2013 as the date for our 44th general election for the House of Representatives.

MacKerras: winter, winner ... a trifecta for Labor's cold snap election

Malcolm MackerrasJul 20, 20102 Comments

If Gillard gets the sort of win I am now predicting for her, then there will be a new Mackerras law of electoral history, says Malcolm MacKerras.