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Lisa Divissi

Freelance journalist

Lisa Divissi is a freelance journalist and journalism student at RMIT.

Should Australia solve all its issues with postal surveys now?

Damaging and expensive or just common sense: we look at all the ways postal surveys should and shouldn't be used in the future.

Just how representative is Australian parliament?

Canadian parliament, the most ethnically diverse in its history, has many lessons for how Australia can have a truly representative democracy.

oBikes, ferries and birds of the year: why Australia can’t have nice things

Australians seem to have knack for importing perfectly good concepts ... and then throwing them into the river, writes Lisa Divissi. Are we a product of our environment, or should we just be banned from owning nice things?

The Shorten Manifesto: what does the alternative PM actually want for Australia?

You'd be forgiven for liking Bill Shorten solely for his stirring oratory abilities, but with the Coalition springing leaks, it's worth reminding yourself what Labor actually stands for. Lisa Divissi reports.

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