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Laurie Patton

Former Seven Network executive

(Image: AAP/Scott Barbour)

It's time to give COVIDSafe the flick

Millions of dollars down the drain for an app that barely works — COVIDSafe is a dud and the government needs to fix it or flick it.

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Dumping local content right now would be a massive self-inflicted wound for TV

The TV networks were already struggling before the coronavirus hit, and unless they start thinking strategically, they'll continue on a collision course towards irrelevance.

(Image: AAP/Dan Peled)

It's never been more important to close the digital divide

This pandemic is changing the way we use the internet. But many unlucky Australians with inferior services are being completely left behind.

Community TV is needed now more than ever

For years, community television stations, which act as training grounds and talent incubators, have been limping by on last-minute licence extensions. But they can't hold out forever.

No balls: how Cricket Australia lost the media game

The on-field actions of players created a crisis for Cricket Australia, but its own mishandling of the affair added to an unfolding debacle.