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Kate O'Halloran — Freelance journalist

Kate O'Halloran

Freelance journalist

Kate O'Halloran is a former deputy sports editor at The Guardian, and has freelanced for a number of publications. She has a PhD in Gender Studies, and is also a former Victorian cricketer.

Australia's violence against women isn't just about gender inequality

A new survey has found compelling evidence of how racism, homophobia and classism feed broader views of violence against women.

#BettyInBronze: inside the campaign to commemorate Betty Wilson

There are 59 known bronze statues of male cricketers in Australia, and none of women. It's time for that to change.

Hype and heat: the rise and rise of AFL trade week

The AFL's much-hyped trade week ended last night, but for many fans, it's a welcome reprieve after a "failed" season.

Bracing for the backlash to women's sport

Despite its successes, the AFLW is in the midst of a wave of ugly backlash and controversy. The attacks are dispiriting and unjust, but is this just the price of progress?