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Justine Landis-Hanley — Reporter

Justine Landis-Hanley


Justine has worked as a casual reporter for The Sydney Morning Herald, was an international fellow to the Agence-France Presse Tokyo bureau, an editor of student newspaper Honi Soit and was The New York Times Australia bureau’s first reporting intern.

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Mining companies try to handle the heat from Australia's bushfires

Splashing cash around mightn't be enough to shift public perception after a summer of devastating bushfires.

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Vote for Mayor Pete: Buttigieg targets American expats

The 2020 US election campaign has officially hit Australian shores.

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ACT takes the lead on another frustrated federal issue

The federal government's Health Star Rating system has been criticised for years. So the ACT simply made its own version...

Another miracle? Joyce fail leaves PM's moral compass unchallenged

Barnaby Joyce has lost a bid to return as deputy prime minister — surely a relief for Christian Scott Morrison on both political and moral grounds.

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Financial firms hedged their bets on election outcome

A look at political donations by the Big Four accounting firms shows us that they mostly had a bet each way on the election outcome.

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Minor parties, major cash

How much money is flowing into the minor parties? And what impact is it having on policy and election outcomes?

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What Hollywood gets right (and wrong) about deadly pandemics

Films often depict disease epidemics originating in non-Western countries. What does this say about our attitudes, and how does it shape our reactions to real-world crises?

Kopika, Priya and Tharunicaa. (Image: Rebekah Holt)

Biloela family is 'very worried' about coronavirus Christmas Island plan

The family are the only people being housed at the detention centre. Soon they'll be trapped in a quarantine site.

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After the fires, some new challenges: dead fish, the ice spike and fewer tourists

A huge percentage of NSW's cannabis crop has almost certainly gone up in smoke. These things all have roll-on effects.

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Tony Abbott enters the nation's bedrooms once again

Tony Abbott wants middle-class women to have more kids. Crikey breaks down the numbers and the former PM's record on women's issues.

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