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Jeremy Poxon

Media Officer for the Unemployed Australian Worker's Union

Paul Keating's official portrait, by Robert Hannaford.

It's time for progressives to move on from Paul Keating

The nostalgia makes sense; we're looking to escape our wretched political moment. But nostalgia seriously distorts our perception of history.

Hugh Bedford, an anti poverty activist from the Anti-Poverty Network SA, prepares to hand out flyers in the centre of Salisbury. (Image: AAP/Tracey Nearmy)

A year of insult and injury for job seekers and the unemployed

This year was an annus horribilis for the poor — but the tireless campaigning of low-income advocates offers some hope for the future.

The battle for benefits: people with disabilities fight back against broken system

Record numbers of Disability Support Pension applicants are having their claims rejected, often against the explicit advice of doctors. With nothing left to lose, some are choosing to fight.

Disability support plummets as government turns up heat on the vulnerable

Disabled Australians are being turned away from the Disability Support Pension and forced onto punitive and untenable unemployment schemes.