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Janine Perrett —

Janine Perrett

Janine Perrett has been a journalist, broadcaster and commentator on business and politics for four decades working in newspapers, radio and TV here and in the US.

Former AMP chair Catherine Brenner (Image: AAP/Daniel Munoz)

ASIC leave pass doesn't wipe the slate clean for ex-AMP chair Catherine Brenner

ASIC has confirmed it is no longer investigating Brenner over her role in the allegations arising out of the banking royal commission. But her part in the ultimate demise of AMP should not be forgotten.

(Image: Alan Levine)

Outbreak of bosses behaving badly reveals the ugly side of business

The Bosses Behaving Badly in a Pandemic Award has some strong new contenders.

Clive Palmer (Image: AAP/Dan Peled)

Feds sniff the western winds and back away from Palmer's WA border case

The federal government has done a 180 in its support for Clive Palmer's High Court challenge to WA’s hard border closure.

Clive Palmer (Image: AAP/Dan Peled)

Can nothing keep a bad man down? Virulent Mr Palmer just keeps on coming

Whether he's interfering in state politics or dismissing the pandemic as a media 'beat-up', Clive Palmer is on a roll of the worst possible kind.

Bourke St, Melbourne (Image: AAP/Daniel Pockett)

The worst of times and the, well, let's party like there's no tomorrow of times

While Melburnians are locked down, Sydneysiders are partying on like there's no tomorrow.

(Image: AAP/Daniel Pockett)

Pandemic police officer Perrett revels in the joys of being a COVID cop

In these COVID times, Janine Perrett is relishing her role as a protector of the pandemic peace.

Scott Morrison speaks during the launch of the 2020 Defence Strategic Update  (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

All those in favour of having a memory, say aye. (The goldfish have it, apparently)

Politicians probably think voters have short memories so they can get away with doing sharp U-turns. But the tyre marks give them away.

AMP Capital chairman John Fraser

Me Too playbook: how John Fraser 'guards himself' against sexual harassment

An ageing, white man has a plan to guard himself against sexual harassment. For his female staff though? Not so much.

(Image: Unsplash/Hunters Race)

Male Champions of Change or business protection racket?

Male Champions of Change champions and protects women in the workplace, until it comes to criticising each other.