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Jane Nethercote


Enter Rome on a podcast

February 26, 2010 1 Comment

My new favourite podcast is The History of Rome. It takes a complex storyline and weaves it into the most engaging tale, from the start of the Roman Empire to the end.

Get thee to Adelaide for a feast of entertainment

February 24, 2010 1 Comment

People like to bash Adelaide. But if you can find a city with more to do in the next couple of weeks, I'd be surprised. Arts Festival. Writers' Week. Fringe Festival. Womadelaide. It's all happening.

Cook up a new signature dish

February 9, 2010 4 Comments

If you're stuck in a food rut, why not branch out with something completely new tonight. And no, spag bol shouldn't be your signature dish past the age of 25 and student housing.

Locate your inner musician

February 8, 2010 4 Comments

If you've been meaning to learn a musical instrument for a while, sort it out tonight. Take the time that you'd set aside to watch The Biggest Loser: Couples to advance your musical education instead.

Get a sneak peek at Pakistan Fashion Week

February 1, 2010

If getting to Pakistan for fashion week is just too much of a logistical hassle -- not enough time/nothing to wear -- then tonight we suggest you get a preview of the catwalk action at

Get your diary out for a world of Hurt

January 27, 2010

Sometimes, to see the best things tonight, you have to plan. Otherwise organised people will end up sitting in your seats, which is terribly inconvenient. On today's agenda: STC 2010. Starring William Hurt.

Visit a snarky alternate universe

Visit a snarky alternate universe

January 22, 2010

Crikey cinema buff Luke Buckmaster makes the decision of what to see/what not to see tonight at the movies pretty clear-cut. It's a sad day for musical fans.

A book made of magazines

January 18, 2010

The first in our 'Daily Proposition' series of suggestions of fun things for the night ahead. Tonight, curl up on a couch with a glass of wine and a possible new favourite book, The Best American Magazine Writing 2009.

It’s speech night at the UN summit: Gaddafi goes off

September 24, 2009 4 Comments

Which politician hasn't been at a podium somewhere in the past 24 hours spouting their own brand of rhetoric?

I’m sleeping with my mother-in-law. Help.

September 22, 2009

Playboy's advice column -- last seen advising men how to save money at a strip joint -- doles out a pithy response to one man's affairs. Playboy, it is all about the writing after all.