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Irfan Yusuf —

Irfan Yusuf

Lawyer, author and commentator

Up to 1 million fish have died in the Darling River system (Image: AAP/ Kate McBride)

When the river runs dry, we will return to the scene of the crime

Residents at the trashed end of the Darling River are angry, jobless and unable to drink their own town water.

The new book by an IPA fellow that is head-scratchingly nuanced

Matthew Lesh's heavily researched theory on socio-economic divides would give Andrew Bolt a heart attack.

A Sunday afternoon trying to make the Liberal Party great again

A new book proposes a plan to fix the Liberal parties leadership woes.

Prominent Ramsay Centre backer Tony Abbott.

Tony Abbott isn't going anywhere

The former PM is back on the talking points, painting himself and Dutton as "reluctant challengers" and orating about "the betterment of mankind".

Meet the group that defends Israel by condemning it

An organisation of Israeli Defence Force veterans is attempting to bring to light the reality of life in occupied Palestine. But they are far from anti-Zionists.

'Someone who gets into people’s faces': Spotlight journalist Walter Robinson speaks in Sydney

Last night, at an event hosted by the US Studies Centre at Sydney University, Robinson shared his insights on the Spotlight expose of systemic child abuse in the Boston Catholic Church, on media and the law.

What the nomination of the new Grand Mufti of Australia means for Australian Muslims

The nomination of Imam Abdul Aziem al-Afifi to Grand Mufti of Australia has come with some controversy. What does this mean for everyday Australian Muslims?

The Christensen conundrum: how many times can one man shoot himself in the foot?

We lost count after he likened Greenpeace to a terrorist organisation.

Senator Jim Molan

Can we believe Jim Molan's claim he's not a member of the 'hard right'?

As a new Senator, Molan’s job must surely go beyond retweeting and posting ranting and propaganda.

Media that conflates 'South Sudanese' with 'African' should say what they really mean: 'black'

In the wake of the "gang crisis", how can you tell who is African and who isn’t? Don't ask the newspapers.

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