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Helen Razer — Writer and Broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and Broadcaster

Helen Razer is a writer whose work appears in The Saturday Paper, Daily Review, SBS Online and Frankie. She has previously worked as a columnist for The Age and The Australian and as a broadcaster for ABC radio.


Miss Universe’s celebration of Camp transcends irony

August 25, 2009

Somehow, the Miss Universe pageant has survived an ironic age. And a post-ironic one, too.

How the free market can save the free press

August 24, 2009

In order for news organisations to survive, the US government must grant them exemption from antitrust and price-fixing laws so that they can essentially "collude for survival", argues Tim Rutten.

And the Wankley goes to … Fashion Week coverage, belittling the big

And the Wankley goes to … Fashion Week coverage, belittling the big

August 21, 2009 7 Comments

For their championing of chubby, several media outlets have this week earned the Wankley.

Facebook fail: privacy alert on uploaded minutiae

August 20, 2009 1 Comment

A law suit unfolding in California about privacy and Facebook, has been described, and possibly kindly, as a "jumbled mess", thanks to discrepancies in national privacy laws.

The poker night I faced down Le Schiffre and made rent

August 17, 2009 1 Comment

Poker is becoming more popular and women are placing their bets with purpose. Helen Razer entered a tournament in the hope of improving her game, but then things got out of hand.

John Hughes wrote who we thought we were

August 7, 2009 1 Comment

Director John Hughes will be remembered for his defining work The Breakfast Club, writes Helen Razer. Despite coy innuendos and jokes about sushi, the film remains an outstanding portrait of adolescence,