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Helen Razer — Writer and Broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and Broadcaster

Helen Razer is a writer whose work appears in The Saturday Paper, Daily Review, SBS Online and Frankie. She has previously worked as a columnist for The Age and The Australian and as a broadcaster for ABC radio.


Razer: yes, I love the Queen

August 15, 2017 7 Comments

Of course, a monarchy is ridiculous. But I can't help but love Queen Elizabeth.

Razer: Amazon will destroy, not create, Australian jobs

August 10, 2017 18 Comments

The true purpose of Amazon is not lost on shareholders, who continue to invest in it precisely because it is a company that saves money by diminishing workers' rights, and seeks to destroy all competition.

Razer: Bill Shorten is the only one benefiting from the Liberal Party’s gay marriage hysteria

August 8, 2017 24 Comments

The Coalition’s incapacity to act on marriage equality now makes the guy look almost strong-willed.

Razer: Pete Evans releases new wellness ‘doco’ as philosophy and science crumble to low-carb dust

August 3, 2017 19 Comments

At no time in human history have so many been so cultish in their devotion to so many bad ideas.

Razer: in the long run, household debt will kill us all

August 1, 2017 10 Comments

It’s not just Helen Razer and her Cassandra commie mates fretting. Australia is in a private debt hole from which we might not escape.

Razer: ‘political correctness’ is a lie used to inflame Millennial-boomer warfare

July 27, 2017 4 Comments

“Political correctness” has begun to signify very little. It can now mean almost any cultural change to which one objects.

Razer: inequality IS the point

July 25, 2017 11 Comments

Inequality has reached a crisis point in Australia, no matter your definition. The poor can't afford homes or electricity, and something has to be done.

Razer: tragedy tourism is older than selfies, so quit your outrage

July 20, 2017 14 Comments

Don't lecture millenials for tragedy selfies, they are just following an age-old practice.

Helen Razer will not be silenced

July 18, 2017 19 Comments

Just because people say you are wrong does not mean you are right.

Razer: Uhlmann’s Trump ‘mic drop’ was banal, an absolute fizzer

July 13, 2017 40 Comments

Yes, yes. Trump is bad. This just in: water is wet; heat is hot; and urban intellectuals are very easy to poke fun at.