Helen Razer — Writer and broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and broadcaster

Helen Razer is a writer whose work appears in The Saturday Paper, Daily Review, SBS Online and Frankie. She has previously worked as a columnist for The Age and The Australian and as a broadcaster for ABC radio.


Razer: Anne Edmonds’ comedy is truly, madly, deeply Australian – and that’s why it works

April 12, 2018 5

For comedy to work, here in this country, it must be truly Australian. It must evoke the minutiae of a time and place, be unashamedly local.

Razer: how the free market turned the pursuit of ‘truth’ into a red herring

April 10, 2018 20

Denied the conditions in which truth can be considered, all we are left with is bullshit.

Razer: OK look, yes, I will vote for the Greens (but I’ll pinch my nose while I do it)

April 5, 2018 49

Because it's better to go with possibly red than certainly dead, which is what the current lot will get us.

Razer: ‘toxic masculinity’ debate is self-defeating and toxic itself

April 3, 2018 67

We see the term everywhere, yet few people ever bother to define it. In Helen Razer's view, “toxic masculinity” is not a true concept, and not truly feminist at all.

Razer: I believe Andrew Bolt is the first robot to pass the Turing Test

March 29, 2018 52

Really the only explanation for Andrew Bolt's remarkable (quantity, not quality) output is that he's a big ol' android.

Razer: war won’t wait for our moralising fits over Stormy Daniels

March 27, 2018 64

It's time to face the fact: the obscenity of violence should overrule the Western "obscenity" of unruly women.

Razer: if Zuckerberg paid me for my private data, I’d hand it over in a second

March 22, 2018 26

Pretty soon, automation and wage stagnation will mean a great many of us will have no other choice but to sell our private information to make a living.

Razer: 15 years since we declared war on Iraq, little has changed

March 20, 2018 63

Dissenters today are still treated exactly the same way by the mainstream press as they were 15 years ago at the beginning of the Iraq War.

The Dutton Diagnosis: the obsession that’s become a national disorder

March 15, 2018 33

We would be better informed if political pundits rose above the personal into the realms of true historic reckoning.

Razing the Barr: self-serving mainstream media unite against ACT leader

March 13, 2018 39

Despite the campaign against him, what Andrew Barr said about mainstream media in this country is, unfortunately, true.

Debate Club: can pop culture be a force for feminist good?

March 8, 2018 15

Will the gradual crawl towards representation in pop culture continue in 2018, or is the battle meaningless in the pursuit of profit? Helen Razer and Lauren Rosewarne offer points for both sides.

Razer: four revolutionary scenes from inside an Uber

March 6, 2018 34

Behind the wheels of these Ubers, Helen Razer sees a revolutionary class, or, at least, a curious one.

Razer: “awareness” is going to solve very little when it comes to depression

March 1, 2018 26

Johann Hari's new blockbuster book is doing good work debunking the power of "awareness", but we're still not given the full story.

Up Yours: telling deviant truths with Caitlin Johnstone

February 27, 2018 27

Helen Razer shares a long car ride with an Australian journalist who's not afraid to step on the toes of more than a few in the American media.

Razer: the confused person’s guide to who is and isn’t ‘left-wing’

February 22, 2018 42

As voters continue to move further to the left or right of the spectrum -- just as they always have -- trolls and pundits will continue to use the wrong language to classify them.

Razer: journalism is not a crime! Except, you know, when WikiLeaks does it.

February 20, 2018 21

"An apparently unpleasant WikiLeaks journalist detained in a place we quite fancy? He can rot." So goes the thinking of the many who once proclaimed "journalism is not a crime".

Razer: Barnaby’s a hypocrite, so what? They all are.

February 15, 2018 29

As progressives commentators fret over Joyce's ethics and potential misdeeds, they miss the bigger picture: politics should be much bigger than politicians.

Razer: Q&A dresses up narcissism and calls it democracy

February 13, 2018 76

If you're wondering if Monday nights have changed, it's just business as usual: "A group of people fresh from the Qantas Club Lounge think about themselves, and the medium they inhabit in that moment, as democracy itself," writes Helen Razer.

Razer: true reporters, like the late Robert Parry, strive to be despised

February 8, 2018 13

Robert Parry, the reporter who uncovered the Iran-Contra affair, showed us that journalism at its best is not a popularity contest with the powerful.

Up Yours: epitaph shopping with Julian Burnside

February 6, 2018 10

Burnside, as you likely know, is a barrister, a refugee advocate and a man with an honourable alphabet of letters appended by others to his name. He's also a fighter and dogged correspondent who seems to thinks a lot about death.