Helen Razer — Writer and broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and broadcaster

Helen Razer is a writer whose work appears in The Saturday Paper, Daily Review, SBS Online and Frankie. She has previously worked as a columnist for The Age and The Australian and as a broadcaster for ABC radio.


Razer: how to tell the baddies from the goodies in this Syria nightmare

April 17, 2018 36

Who are the baddies? Who are the goodies? Are there any goodies at all in this horrifying locus in which even allies clash?

Razer: Anne Edmonds’ comedy is truly, madly, deeply Australian – and that’s why it works

April 12, 2018 5

For comedy to work, here in this country, it must be truly Australian. It must evoke the minutiae of a time and place, be unashamedly local.

Razer: how the free market turned the pursuit of ‘truth’ into a red herring

April 10, 2018 20

Denied the conditions in which truth can be considered, all we are left with is bullshit.

Razer: OK look, yes, I will vote for the Greens (but I’ll pinch my nose while I do it)

April 5, 2018 49

Because it's better to go with possibly red than certainly dead, which is what the current lot will get us.

Razer: ‘toxic masculinity’ debate is self-defeating and toxic itself

April 3, 2018 66

We see the term everywhere, yet few people ever bother to define it. In Helen Razer's view, “toxic masculinity” is not a true concept, and not truly feminist at all.

Razer: I believe Andrew Bolt is the first robot to pass the Turing Test

March 29, 2018 52

Really the only explanation for Andrew Bolt's remarkable (quantity, not quality) output is that he's a big ol' android.

Razer: war won’t wait for our moralising fits over Stormy Daniels

March 27, 2018 64

It's time to face the fact: the obscenity of violence should overrule the Western "obscenity" of unruly women.

Razer: if Zuckerberg paid me for my private data, I’d hand it over in a second

March 22, 2018 25

Pretty soon, automation and wage stagnation will mean a great many of us will have no other choice but to sell our private information to make a living.

Razer: 15 years since we declared war on Iraq, little has changed

March 20, 2018 63

Dissenters today are still treated exactly the same way by the mainstream press as they were 15 years ago at the beginning of the Iraq War.

The Dutton Diagnosis: the obsession that’s become a national disorder

March 15, 2018 33

We would be better informed if political pundits rose above the personal into the realms of true historic reckoning.