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Helen Razer — Writer and Broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and Broadcaster

Helen Razer is a writer whose work appears in The Saturday Paper, Daily Review, SBS Online and Frankie. She has previously worked as a columnist for The Age and The Australian and as a broadcaster for ABC radio.


Razer: Coles’ autism initiative is fine but only because it’s ‘an improvement on zero’

November 23, 2017

A recent change to 68 supermarkets has been reported in a way that eclipses the need for broad structural changes, writes Helen Razer.

Up Yours with Helen Razer: sinking tinnies with ‘the bastard’ Chris Graham

November 21, 2017 15 Comments

Some are born to outrage. Others have it thrust upon them. Introducing a new series from Crikey's provocateur-in-chief Helen Razer ...

Three essential Up Yours questions: Chris Graham

Three essential Up Yours questions: Chris Graham

November 21, 2017

Helen Razer interviews "the bastard" Chris Graham.

Razer: Yes victory was our Macron moment

November 16, 2017 33 Comments

Centrism had a victory yesterday, a moment of apparent progress, still concealing its ongoing descent.

Razer: it might be ‘unbiased’, but the ABC is not free of racist rot

November 14, 2017 13 Comments

The thugs who abused Sam Dastyari might be working class, but racism is maintained as it was started: by elites, for their own benefit.

Razer: oh, those anti-Russians …

November 9, 2017 55 Comments

There is no evidence of orchestrated “misinformation”. But it has become accepted alternative fact that “Russia” interfered in the US election.

Razer: our empathy will not save the souls on Manus

November 7, 2017 43 Comments

The horror story unfolding on Manus Island is due to a democracy deficit not an "empathy deficit".

Razer: the ABC is bloated with intellectually unambitious, moralising Gen X-ers

November 2, 2017 63 Comments

The ABC's new TV review show, Screen Time is, like a lot of stuff produced by the ABC, absolutely informed by the Gen X morality.

Razer: social media managers seem convinced we are idiots

October 31, 2017 5 Comments

Why do so many social media accounts of so many serious institutions talk to us as though we prefer our institutions or politicians “humanised” and served in the way of a soft drink?

Razer: dying for capitalism at our standing desks

October 26, 2017 20 Comments

Forget what you hear about the need for constant change in industry: it's all about staying exactly the same.