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Harley Dennett

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US reveals plans to put nukes in your neighbourhood

by Harley Dennett, a freelance journalist and former Washington correspondentMay 11, 201211 Comments

The US would redeploy tactical nuclear weapons to the Asia-Pacific and ask regional allies to host nuclear weapons in plans added to the draft Pentagon budget.

Gay marriage and US politics: Romney and Obama can't pick a side

Harley DennettMay 8, 2012

Two prominent Democrats have come out in support of gay marriage, while Republican Mitt Romney is pressured to distance himself from the issue.

Avalanche of submissions on gay marriage an uneasy consensus

Harley DennettApr 23, 201211 Comments

Parliamentary committee staff has never had more work thrust upon it than the interest generated by three bills seeking to amend the Marriage Act. Is there any hope of consensus?

Double standards from the ADF as ruling excuses gay cyber bullying

Double standards from the ADF as ruling excuses gay cyber bullying

Harley DennettDec 6, 20114 Comments

With gay marriage opponents pushing the line that everything is hunky-dory for gay people so please stop whinging, an ADF inquiry has given a free pass to anti-gay bullying and death threats.

US debt: Obama threatens veto after supercommittee fails

Harley DennettNov 22, 201110 Comments

Barack Obama has upped the pressure on Republicans to agree to some tax increases as part of US deficit reduction by threatening to veto any attempt to undo automatic cuts to the military.

Occupy Wall Street: a Tea Party by any other name

Harley DennettOct 5, 20116 Comments

Tea Party activists and the much younger Occupy Wall Street protesters are in furious agreement that they are not alike. But neither generation has exclusive ownership of the frustration sweeping the US.

Now they ask, and they're happy to tell: stories from the frontline

Harley DennettSep 21, 20114 Comments

Pentagon officials signed the death certificate for the US military’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell ban on known gay, lesbian and bisexual servicemembers today with a rowdy cheer more akin to civilian political rallies than a military ceremony.

Fox News stirs for America's next class war

Harley DennettSep 20, 201116 Comments

Barack Obama's plan to ask the wealthy to pay their fair share of tax has sent Fox News into DEFCON 1.

Obama's jobs plan: stimulus is still a four-letter word

Harley DennettSep 9, 20116 Comments

There’s a rare and genuine sense of hope in Washington tonight since nobody shouted "You Lie!" or walked out of the Barack Obama’s much anticipated jobs speech to a joint session of Congress.

The US debt deal nobody likes is done ... almost

Harley DennettAug 1, 20117 Comments

Less than 48 hours before the US government runs out of money, a tentative deal to avoid default has split both parties down the middle and a vote still has not been scheduled.