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Guy Rundle  — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


Guy Rundle is correspondent-at-large for Crikey. He's a former editor of Arena Magazine and contributes to a variety of publications in Australia and the United Kingdom.


Boris Johnson jollies up London mayoral race

July 17, 2007

Blond and bunterish, Boris Johnson is the quintessentially British politician, who can’t decide whether he’s in statesmanship or panto. Though he has a pretty sharp intelligence, Johnson's career is the epitome of failure upwards, writes Guy Rundle.

Beeb’s Queen gaff

July 13, 2007

She is acknowledged to be someone we must all bow down to, living at a level above us all, associating only with a small coterie of inbred sybarites – I speak of course of photographer Annie Leibowitz, most recently the author of a portrait of the Queen, writes Guy Rundle.

Melbourne: international cautionary tale of vice

July 12, 2007

New British PM Gordon Brown has issued a cautionary tale to justify his decision to nix plans for a super casino. He's cited one fine city whose culture and law and order has been devastated by open slather gambling. The city in question? Melbourne, reports Guy Rundle.

Spinning Iraq takes a magical turn

July 10, 2007

The worse things get for the Coalition of the Willing in the not-so-new Middle-East, the more its most vociferous Australian supporters seem to be subjected to bouts of magical thinking, whereby merely saying will make it so, writes Guy Rundle.

Google search du jour: oil, Nelson, and doofus

July 6, 2007

Brendan Nelson’s casual announcement that he is either a) a doofus or b) an official candidate for Liberal party leadership has had one great side-effect – it’s put godzone country onto the front pages and up the Google news listings, writes Guy Rundle.

Britain’s binge drinking shows no sign of abating

July 3, 2007

Britain is obsessed by the problem of binge drinking - as well they should be because her city centres are violent and threatening beyond anything else Europe has to offer, writes Guy Rundle.

Noel Pearson doesn’t have a clue

July 2, 2007

Better write nothing and have people question your intelligence than blog away and remove all doubt, might be the paraphrase occasioned by Noel Pearson’s blog, writes Guy Rundle.

Sacred Children and flimsy hearsay

June 27, 2007

In all the debate surrounding the Little Children Are Sacred report, one assumption has held amongst all participants -- that the report is well-founded and clear-eyed. The more I plough through it, the more I'm beginning to doubt even that, writes Guy Rundle.

Unanswered questions abound in NT ‘invasion’

June 27, 2007

Less than four days into Australia’s sterling effort to be the first member of the 'Coalition of the Willing' to invade itself, and it looks as if the initiative is failing before it has even started, writes Guy Rundle.

Make no mistake, Howard’s NT plan is a new apartheid

June 25, 2007

Last week, the Howard Government imposed a de facto apartheid system on Australia. You may want to argue that this was necessary, desirable, a last resort, etc, etc, but first you have to acknowledge that this is apartheid, writes Guy Rundle.