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Guy Rundle  — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


Guy Rundle is correspondent-at-large for Crikey. He's a former editor of Arena Magazine and contributes to a variety of publications in Australia and the United Kingdom.


Gibson’s latest another orgy of violence and Catholic hoo-ha

December 19, 2006

Mel Gibson, out on the road stumping for his new movie Apocalypto – a bid to capture the all-important Mayan-language demographic over the holiday season – has told critics of his recent kerbside contribution to the Holocaust debate to "get over it". Guy Rundle couldn't agree more.

Better late than never, Clinton backs generic drugs for the poor

December 4, 2006

Denying cheap drugs to the global poor – on the spurious basis of intellectual property – is the worst thing that’s been done to the global poor for a century, writes Guy Rundle.

The great blog revolution is all but over

November 20, 2006

The blog revolution was going to change the face of media as we knew it, but now it appears to have got to the point Dylan was at when he did a deal with Starbucks, only thirty years quicker, writes Guy Rundle.

London terror planner gets 40 years

November 8, 2006

Dhiren Barot has been sentenced to a minimum of 40 years for planning a series of terrorist attacks in London. It was a serious threat, but 40 years for schemes that never got close to an actual attempt to carry them out is pretty draconian, writes Guy Rundle.

The secular argument against stem cell research

November 8, 2006

The religious idea that a distinct stem cell is somehow wronged by its creation and destruction is something I regard as silly, writes Guy Rundle. But the effect on our culture overall, of making life an industrial product, is something quite capable of undermining the ground on which meaning is built.

Little Aussie master of the long pot sets green baize alight

October 31, 2006

The streets of Earls Court were awash with Foster’s last night, as celebrations continued into the early hours following the victory of Australian boy Neil Robertson in the UK snooker Grand Prix. Well, okay, it was four of us, but, god, we were proud, writes Guy Rundle.

Since when has “asking for it” been un-Australian?

October 31, 2006

Three times, in three separate London pubs last night I got hit with the same laugh-choked observation, says Guy Rundle – "are you saying Australia wants to deport someone for being sexist?" The nation may see itself, in matters sexual politic, as the Sweden of the South Pacific, but the rest of the world begs to differ.

The Democrats are suffering an identity crisis

October 26, 2006

Yesterday's round-up of the strategies offered by Crikey readers for the revival of the Australian Democrats was interesting for one thing – it was all based around the contemporary notion of political parties as simply sellers in a marketplace, writes Guy Rundle

Bishop a reluctant soldier in the history wars

October 24, 2006

Word is that Bishop has been told to toughen up in her conduct of the current culture wars, after what the hard men on the Right see as a stuff-up in the conduct of the history summit in August, writes Guy Rundle.