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Guy Rundle  — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


Guy Rundle is correspondent-at-large for Crikey. He's a former editor of Arena Magazine and contributes to a variety of publications in Australia and the United Kingdom.


Rundle: Chinese influence is hardly the biggest threat to our democracy

December 15, 2017 17 Comments

Foreign capital is not the problem; the structure of our politics is, a semi-democratic system at best, cloaked by a detached parliamentary system.

Rundle: sat among ewoks, imbibing the Clintonian delirium of Star Wars

December 14, 2017 7 Comments

People say it's the best of the Star Wars films for decades. It was by turns stirring and as ropey as an old Doctor Who episode.

Rundle: remembering two stalwarts of the Indigenous Black Power movement

December 13, 2017 7 Comments

Sol Bellear and Denis Walker were two mainstays of a movement that, for the most part, was about building black community.

Rundle: the ‘intellectual’ right are sloppier than a failed MasterChef pudding

December 11, 2017 12 Comments

Guy Rundle on the intellectual inconsistencies of the right as tasting menu.

Rundle: send in the clowns

December 7, 2017 25 Comments

The only thing the Right has ever been able to claim was their efficiency. Now, they don't even have that.

Rundle: groupthink abounds in the trial-by-media destruction of Geoffrey Rush

December 6, 2017 20 Comments

Nothing indicates more clearly the potential injustices of the current process than the manner in which Rush has been treated.

Rundle: reflecting on Noel Pearson’s dual failure

December 6, 2017 52 Comments

A recent essay by Noel Pearson has a great deal of self-excoriation, but fails to find the true problems that led him there.

Rundle: at the Milo extravaganza it was hard to tell who was confused and who was just stupid

December 5, 2017 21 Comments

For the most part though, it was Stupidolooza.

Milo and his groupies think they’re ‘lions’. Really, they’re UFC fanboys who smell like Dencorub.

December 1, 2017 32 Comments

Milo Yiannopoulos is not only a symptom of the desperate state Western conservatism is in, but a carrier of the disease that’s killing it, writes Guy Rundle.

Rundle: violent, right-wing anti-Semites are on the march. So where’s the outrage?

November 29, 2017 15 Comments

Despite their growing presence on campuses and in cities across Australia, far-right anti-Semites are barely being acknowledged by certain Jewish groups.