Greg Barns — Barrister and writer

Greg Barns

Barrister and writer

Barrister and WikiLeaks Party national campaign director


How we are failing mentally ill prisoners

May 31, 2017 1

Prisoners are not receiving adequate mental health care, with sometimes fatal consequences.

Why Julian Assange can win a Senate seat: campaign director

Why Julian Assange can win a Senate seat: campaign director

April 2, 2013 20

National campaign director of the newly formed WikiLeaks Party, Greg Barns, outlines how Julian Assange could become a Senator -- and how to deal with the pesky not-actually-in-Australia issue.

Judge slams Crime & Corruption Commission over inaction on police abuse

September 12, 2011 2

One of the CCC’s reasons for failing to investigate these matters was cost.

Trial by media: pre-trial evidence should be suppressed

July 28, 2011 4

Former St Kilda footballer Andrew Lovett, acquitted of r-pe charges in Melbourne on Monday, faced not just judgment by a judge and jury but a trial by media.

Barns: why a suppression order ensures a fair trial

July 14, 2011 4

Suppression orders are a necessary antidote to media sensationalism and bias, and vigilantism, of the online and physical form.

The Snow White test helps overturn violent video games law

June 29, 2011 10

A US judge observed that children’s and teenage literature is full of examples of violence and it is not banned. Snow White’s story is as bloody as any violent video game

Mandatory jail terms for young to cost lots, fail to cut crime

May 30, 2011 3

Young people who commit offences of violence are generally intoxicated, high on drugs, and often have an acquired brain injury or relatively undiagnosed mental illness.

Royals a bunch of right Charlies over Chaser ban

April 28, 2011 15

Freedom of speech in a democracy has always included the right to lampoon and to satirise.

Gillard must step up for Australian arrested in Israel

April 20, 2011 9

Prime Minister Julia Gillard’ s fondness for Israel is about to be tested with news that Israeli security agencies have arrested aid Rashid Abu Arja, an Australian citizen.

India’s dispassionate judgement on compassionate killing

March 10, 2011 2

As debate on euthenasia laws returns to the Australian agenda, India's highest court this week has allowed for passive euthanasia-withdrawal of life support. It's a telling judgement.

UK’s Human Rights Act looms as the great political divide

February 18, 2011 6

If the Lib-Dems fail to stop the Tories dismantling human rights protractions, then its supporters might decide to abandon the party at the ballot box.

Assange legal team’s skeleton argument on strong ground

January 12, 2011 39

Julian Assange’s legal team is on very strong ground and English courts have in recent years repeatedly shown a robustness that the political class of that country lacks when it comes to human rights.

Baillieu legislation no free kick to offenders … it will mean more crime

November 30, 2010 14

The Baillieu government’s plans also throw a gauntlet down to the judiciary in Victoria.

High Court tells Rann ‘on ya bike’: anti-bikie laws unconstitutional

November 11, 2010 4

The High Court this morning ruled unconstitutional a provision in Mike Rann’s anti-bikie laws that allows the Attorney-General to make a declaration, on the basis of secret evidence and without giving anyone a hearing.

North Korean asylum seeker told to try South Korea

October 22, 2010 2

How is it that Australia’s migration system can reject an application from a North Korean woman who had fled her homeland after family members had been persecuted and who fears imprisonment and possible death if she has to return?

An Arab Israeli’s quest for refugee status

October 20, 2010 2

According to a recent decision of the Refugee Review Tribunal, the systemic discrimination cited by an Arab Israeli does not necessarily amount to persecution.

Should Mitchell and co be accountable for naming names?

October 8, 2010 18

Whatever the motives of 3AW’s Neil Mitchell in revealing the names of the Collingwood footballers questioned by police over an alleged incident last weekend, his actions highlight the urgent need for law reform in this area. Should what Mitchell did become a criminal offence?

Barns: the legality of sending Afghanis home

October 1, 2010 10

The announcement this morning by Immigration Minister Chris Bowen that ''the percentage of successful [Afghan] refugee claims is likely to be lower than in the past” is, from a legal perspective, a troubling one, writes Greg Barns.

Justice takes a back seat again in WA

September 17, 2010 8

The roll call of miscarriages of justice in WA just grew by one -- and that’s one too many.

Euthanasia ad: the constitution says it should air

September 13, 2010 5

If Australia were to include an explicit freedom of speech right in its Constitution or in a human rights charter, as all other democracies now do, then Exit International would have a strong case.