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More cheque book journalism at Nine

March 31, 2005

Despite the Seven Network’s clear victories over Nine’s A Current Affair this year, there’s been little waving of the cheque books of “Big” or “Little Kerry”. But that all changed yesterday when ACA’s new executive producer, David Hurley, waved $15,000 in front of Ron Vugenser, the man accused of links to planting drugs on Schapelle […]

David Koch drops from Sky

March 31, 2005

An announcement is expected today on the splitting up of the small Palamedia media group. But one thing is certain: its founder David Koch will not be seen on Sky Business News after today, when the deal with Sky News ends. The Seven Network wants Koch to concentrate on his Sunrise duties, where he has […]

How Ten has gulped Nine’s profits for lunch

March 31, 2005

What a difference a year makes in the volatile world of network television.The Nine Network has not only lost its number-one ratings slot to Seven, it has now been overtaken by Ten in profits and margins. But as hurtful as the loss in ratings prestige has been, it’s the downturn in profitability and margins at […]

Seven stars ratings last night

March 30, 2005

It was almost a full ratings Tuesday night. Dancing with the Stars was back, All Saints was a new episode, and as a result Seven won easily from Nine, which ran repeat of CSI after the episode of Survivor Palau. But the battle continued in the 6pm to 7pm slot, as it has during the […]

End game for Palamedia?

March 30, 2005

The dismemberment of Palamedia, the financial empire started by Seven Network star David Koch, is happening. Staff were told on Tuesday that the financial report supplied to Sky News would now be absorbed by Sky, who will take on the Palamedia reporters and producers to generate the nightly report. What this means for the future […]

What really happened at ACA

March 30, 2005

News has come from within the TV world of what actually led to the replacement of John Westacott and John McAvoy as executive producer and managing editor respectively of Nine Network’s A Current Affair a week ago. Besides the now infamous Friday night dinner at the Peacock Gardens in Crows Nest, it’s now apparent there […]

Ratings: Seven dances away with another win

March 30, 2005

It was almost a full ratings Tuesday night – Dancing with the Stars was back in non-highlights form, All Saints was a new episode and as a result Seven won easily from Nine, which preferred to run a repeat of CSI after the episode of Survivor: Palau. But the battle continued in the 6pm to […]

Daily Tele’s radio ratings cock-up

March 30, 2005

The Sydney Confidential pages in the Sydney Daily Telegraph have once again found it impossible to get the right ABC stations in the right positions in its graphic of the result of the second radio ratings period in Sydney. After the first survey, The Tele confused ABC Classic FM and the ABC local AM radio […]

Ten lags in Wednesday ratings

March 24, 2005

Monday night it was the Nine Network that saw its audience share drop to low levels, so low that it finished fourth for most of prime time – last night it was the turn of the Ten Network. Its share fell sharply, to the point where it ran fourth in the heart of prime time. […]

WMC executives mining the money

March 24, 2005

The resources boom is not just confined to commodity prices and takeovers of companies like WMC Resources. The executive and management teams are doing very nicely as well, thank you. Take WMC Resources, the object of BHP Billiton’s affections. The WMCR annual report, out today, shows that CEO Andrew Michelmore enjoyed a 50% plus increase […]