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Green shoots in bloom: consumer confidence surges

June 10, 2009

Consumer confidence has joined business confidence on a strong upswing and is now at its highest level for 17 months.

Germany rivals Japan for worst economy status

June 10, 2009

One failure, one bailout -- it's business as usual in Germany, which is emerging as the most stricken of all the major global economies by the credit crunch and recession, writes Glenn Dyer.

The Chaser’s fall guy

June 9, 2009 1

The Chaser team is supposed to push the boundaries. It's what they do. Aren't they entitled to assume that if they go too far, the layers of ABC management above them will pull them back?

Reaping what you sow: Channel Nine and the Gordon Ramsay media nightmare

June 9, 2009 4

No-one can excuse Ramsay for what he said about Tracy Grimshaw, but Channel Nine played along with him in 2008 for the sake of ratings, so they can't get too offended now.

Coverage skips the conflict in the BHP/Rio marriage

June 9, 2009

Significant issues have been overlooked in the gushy coverage of the BHP/Rio iron-ore joint venture, writes Glenn Dyer.

Nine wins, but Ten close behind

June 9, 2009

Nine won last night, but Ten won the 16 to 39, 18 to 49 and 25 to 54 age groups.

Business confidence back on the up and up

June 9, 2009 2

Business confidence is riding high thanks to a free-spending federal budget, booming growth, the stockmarket and commodity rally.

Carey’s power trumps the Murdoch kids

June 5, 2009

Chase Carey's new role places him above James and Lachlan Murdoch in the News Corp foodchain. But how long will Carey last against the ambitious James?

Oz not quite so exclusive as they think

June 5, 2009

today tried to claim that its version of the collapse of the Chinalco-Rio Tinto deal was an exclusive -- but not only wasn't it exclusive, it wasn't even first.

Rio-BHP carve up isn’t iron-clad just yet

June 5, 2009

Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton are optimistic if they think their iron ore joint venture will pass muster at the European Commission, writes Glenn Dyer.