Emily Watkins — Media reporter

Emily Watkins

Media reporter

Emily covers all things "media" for Crikey and is based in Sydney. She has previously worked for the ABC's Media Watch and reported on courts, crocodiles and occasionally UFOs for the NT News.


Media Files: View has eyes on the top spots for real estate listings

June 22, 2018

Former REA exec Toby Balazs has been confirmed as the new CEO of real estate listings website View. He's been charged with bringing the company up from the third largest player in the market.

Media Files: World Cup to stay on SBS

June 21, 2018 2

After a disastrous run with Optus Sport, the World Cup will now be screened on SBS until the end of the group stage.

Indigenous ‘Deadly Questions’ campaign ads pulled from billboards

June 21, 2018 7

An Indigenous ad campaign has been withdrawn after the content was questioned by Advertising Standards Bureau. But organisers say the ads are meant to provoke discussion.

Guthrie’s speech proof that the ABC plans to fight back

June 20, 2018 9

Michelle Guthrie has finally squared in the ABC's fight against recent political onslaughts, but some colleagues are wondering why she's so late to the party.

Media Files: The Australian guilty of contempt of Victorian court

June 20, 2018 1

The Australian has pleaded guilty to charges of contempt of court after it published a series of articles detailing CFMEU boss John Setka's now dropped blackmail charges.

How The Squiz is taking media briefings to the masses 

June 20, 2018 6

Morning news digest The Squiz has been quietly appearing in more and more inboxes across the country for over a year. But, creator and former spinner Claire Kimball tells Crikey, it's not easy work.

What would a review of Australia’s defamation law look at?

June 19, 2018 1

If Australia is to overhaul its defamation legislation, the first step would be to have the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) to do a full-scale inquiry.

Media Files: SBS the real winner in World Cup debacle

June 19, 2018 2

SBS has gladly stepped in to air World Cup matches while Optus scrambles to fix its streaming problems.

What would it take to fix Australia’s restrictive defamation laws?

June 18, 2018 3

Australia is now regarded as the libel capital of the world. But just how big is this threat to press freedom, and what exactly is in need of change?

Media Files: ABC keeps cricket commentary

June 18, 2018

The ABC has retained radio broadcasting rights for the cricket, defying speculation that the rights were set to shift elsewhere.

Roundtable: what does the Rebel Wilson payout mean for the media?

June 15, 2018 8

Rebel Wilson's record defamation payout of $4.5 million has now been reduced to $600,000. We asked some informed media watchers for their thoughts on the changes.

Media Files: Rebel Wilson to appeal defamation paycut

June 15, 2018 2

Actress Rebel Wilson has hit out at the Court of Appeals ruling that slashed her record defamation payout by $3.9 million. She plans to appeal the verdict.

All the times Barnaby Joyce has ‘broken his silence’ this year

June 15, 2018 5

Our former deputy PM is truly Australia's most enigmatic and reserved politician. Here are all the groundbreaking times he's spoken out.

And the Wankley goes to … everyone getting in a tizz about a video game

June 14, 2018 4

Crikey's coveted Wankley Award -- which recognises those who go the extra mile to create truly terrible journalism -- goes to everyone tying themselves in a knot about the "dangers" of the latest video-game craze, Fortnite.

Media Files: Rebel Wilson defamation damages slashed

June 14, 2018

The Court of Appeal has overturned Rebel Wilson's record defamation payout, slashing it by $3.9 million. Bauer Media will now only be liable to pay $600,000 to the actor.

Media Files: Kim-Trump meeting gets front-page treatment

June 13, 2018

Foes or bros: as usual, front pages across the globe shed a unique light on the meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un.

Inside the scandal dividing Beijing’s foreign media community

June 12, 2018 7

A sexual misconduct scandal in the Foreign Correspondents' Club of China has polarised Western journalists working in Beijing, with claims that the fallout is fatally undermining the FCCC's role as an arbiter for press freedom.

Media Files: Campion drops privacy complaint

June 12, 2018 2

Barnaby Joyce's partner Vikki Campion has reportedly dropped a privacy complaint she submitted to the Australian Press Council over photographs The Daily Telegraph took of her while pregnant.

Media Files: how Queer Eye blitzed the Australian media

June 8, 2018 2

The Queer Eye cast have been on a whirlwind PR tour, which brought some challenges for the traditional media.

Media Files: Seven news camera stolen during shoot

June 7, 2018 1

Seven's Europe correspondent Laurel Irving has spoken about how she and her cameraman were robbed of their $25,000 camera while in the middle of shooting on the streets of London.