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Emily Watkins — Reporter

Emily Watkins


Emily covers all things "media" for Crikey and is based in Sydney. She has previously worked for the ABC's Media Watch and reported on courts, crocodiles and occasionally UFOs for the NT News.

Eastbound and down: the West joins the Tele in a race to the bottom

In order to stay afloat, The West Australian is looking to east-coast tabloids for editorial inspiration.

Portrait of a one-newspaper town

Even in an era of digital and social media, the power of The West Australian has only strengthened under the direction of Kerry Stokes.

The power and the glory: Kerry Stokes' influence at the West

Billionaire Kerry Stokes' power over The West Australian and media dominance of WA has allowed him to set the agenda for the state.

<em>Play School</em>'s Acknowledgement of Country episode from earlier this year.

How Aussie kids' TV is leading the world in kindness

Diversity, representation and 'Australianness' were all once considered too risky in kids' TV. In 2019, the exact opposite is true.

How the ABC gets radio producers to work for free

Despite doing their own investigative journalism into the shadowy world of unpaid work, the ABC has been found to be cutting corners on staff costs.

The Profiteers: getting someone out of the news spotlight is big business

When the proverbial hits the fan and someone becomes engulfed in a media storm, there’s an army of people ready to clean up, for a price.

The Victims: what it’s like to live inside the eye of a media storm

INQ explores several case studies of Australians victimised by intrusive reporting.

The Perpetrators: how the media ‘hunts down’ their ‘talent’

Reporters stalking their victims need to be ruthless and persistent. The techniques are varied and ubiquitous. Today, INQ pulls back the curtain on those techniques.

How much does it cost to remove a managing director of the ABC?

Sacking ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie was never going to be cheap. But new documents reveal what the the lawyers alone cost.

An photo of the aurora from ABC Open's archives (Image: Daniel Lam)

Great disappearing act: ABC to shutter public access to thousands of regional stories

"To see these patterns of increasingly centralised media, it's particularly concerning" said a former ABC producer.