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Eric Beecher — Chairman; Editor-in-chief

Eric Beecher

Chairman; Editor-in-chief

Eric is the chairman of Private Media, publisher of Crikey, and chairman of Solstice Media and The Wheeler Centre. He's been an editor and executive at Fairfax and News Corp.

Rupert Murdoch (Image: AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Murdoch’s power: how it works and how it debases Australia

Media power prowls in the dark but its presence, its threat, its strength isn't hidden. It's there to see in fawning politicians and public officials.

Rupert Murdoch

Dark day for journalism as Murdoch's global empire sells democracy down the river

Today's News Corp cuts represent an enormous threat to Australian democracy ⁠— and a grim reminder of the power of a single family.


The terrible banality of a pandemic

At almost almost any other time in history, a story like this would have created a tragic sensation.

(Image: AAP/Sean Davey)

Switch your media today

Divest your attention. Unsubscribe from media that’s on the wrong side of history.

Warning: Crikey is about to unleash a dozen nosy inquiry journalists into the world

Inq, a team of a dozen reporters and editors — and our biggest single investment in journalism — will launch in two weeks.

Quality journalism is collateral damage in Nine-Fairfax merger

The takeover of Fairfax by Nine will be camouflaged by executives as necessary for the sake of quality journalism, when the truth is the opposite.

Australian journalism’s freak show

The behaviour of the "national broadsheet" towards its enemies is no dirty little secret. Almost all the players in politics, government, academia, science, media and policy are aware of how it works.

Beecher: the days of dirty secrets and blokey media culture are over

Over the past six months, that whistle has blown the lid off the culture of offensive male abuse in media (especially television) companies.

Beecher: civic journalism and the conspiracy of denial at the top

The demise of journalism as civic good is a defining story of this generation. Just don't expect to read about it.

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