Eleri Harris


No white balloons for the city of Wangaratta

September 21, 2009 3

Wangaratta has experienced a somewhat unique form of censorship with the banning of a campaign against child sex abuse, Braveheart’s annual White Balloon Day.

The bushfire blame game: greenies, loggers or arsonists?

July 17, 2009 5

Victorian conservation groups have hit back at claims greenies and National Parks are culpable for the severity of the Black Saturday bushfires, blaming logging companies.

Media frenzy appoints teenage digital guru

July 15, 2009

The blogosphere was abuzz yesterday with the news that Twitter was regarded by one 15-year-old from London as being for old people. That's news?

Papuan shootings: we will probably never know the truth

July 14, 2009 2

Papua is a media black hole with foreign journalists rarely permitted to report from the province. The true story behind the latest shootings of 29-year-old Australian Drew Grant and security guard Markus Ratealo will probably never be revealed.

Is Rosebery a health hazard?

July 10, 2009 9

Two women are claiming they have developed serious health issues from exposure to the run-off from an open cut mine in their town, and are demanding the Tasmanian government relocate them.

The new face of VB

The new face of VB

July 8, 2009 2

Following last week's announcement that they will be lowering the alcohol content of Victoria Bitter, Fosters have taken another stab at their iconic beer with a new campaign that replaces the "hard earned thirst" slogan with a new one: "the drinking beer".

Earth Hour’s (somewhat empty) new campaign for Copenhagen

Earth Hour’s (somewhat empty) new campaign for Copenhagen

July 8, 2009

Earth Hour may receive the token support they seek online -- but how does this translate into real terms at the UN climate change meeting in Copenhagen?

Canada eyeballs cocaine

July 7, 2009

They do things differently over there, but seriously, feeding cocaine to an animated eyeball is supposed to keep the kids off drugs? Well, at least that's the aim of the "Xperiment" site.

Abbott to Rudd: Don’t try to spin the Pope

July 7, 2009 13

This morning Eleri Harris asked Tony Abbott -- Shadow Minister for FAHCSIA and part-time spokesman on all things Catholic -- about the politics of lobbying a Pope.

Double standards: the media on Taliban kidnappings

June 23, 2009

Are the hundreds of people kidnapped by the Taliban each year any less deserving of media black out protection than western journalists like David Rohde?