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Michael Sainsbury — Freelance correspondent in South East Asia

Michael Sainsbury

Freelance correspondent in South East Asia

Michael Sainsbury is a freelance journalist based in Asia with more than 20 years experience writing about business, business politics and human rights across Australia and the Asia Pacific.

2019-20 Hong Kong protests (Image: Flikr/Studio Incendo)

Beijing's Hong Kong plans may lead to an exodus, and Australia must be ready

It's not just Australia's diplomatic interests being threatened by China's tightening grip on Hong Kong — 100,000 Australians call Hong Kong home.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam (Image: AP Photo/Dita Alangkara)

Beijing ups aggression in moves to bring Hong Kong protesters into line

After a quiet six months following the 2019 Hong Kong protests, the clash over Beijing’s ever-creeping influence in the city has resumed.

Chinese honour guard raise the Chinese flag during the commissioning ceremony of China's Shandong aircraft carrier (Image: Li Gang)

China uses COVID cover to push on with South China Sea expansion

As the US reels from the COVID-19 pandemic and Australia stares down an economic black hole, China is shoring up its gains in the disputed South China Sea.

University of Adelaide. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Crumbling sandstone: scandals and finances take the gowns at University of Adelaide to town

The University of Adelaide is the latest institution to be beset by scandal, with an ICAC investigation now underway.

(Image: EPA/Ritchie B. Tongo)

With the other China, Australia plays it smart and smarter

A shift towards supporting Taiwan is sound foreign policy for an Australian government scrambling to rein in China.

Xi Jinping and Scott Morrison

A way out of Australia's China crisis: let Beijing buy Virgin

In one move, the Morrison government could put out an economic fire and and repair disintegrating relations with our most important partner.

(Image: Unsplash/Nicole Honeywill)

Casual teachers lose out both ways: no JobKeeper and little chance of permanency

They are essential workers but they're left high and dry under the government's $130 billion safety net and as long as permanent jobs remain a pipedream.

(Image: AP/Andy Wong)

China races to control a 'second Wuhan' as a new COVID-19 wave surges

China is attempting to contain a fresh outbreak of COVID-19 in the country's north. World governments should be paying attention to what they missed.

(Image: Getty/davidf)

Independent schools hit hard by unintended outcome of coronavirus rescue

Many schools are stuck in a gap that makes them ineligible for the government's rescue package as the pandemic bites.

Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

Stranded in the world's biggest lockdown, Australians say Canberra is ignoring their pleas

As countries around the world ship home their citizens by the tens of thousands, Canberra continues to leave Australians behind with no one to turn to but each other.