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Hinch’s Senate Diary: how the voters of South Australia got dudded — twice

April 27, 2017 4

South Australian voters just can't catch a break. And Senator Derryn Hinch remembers what was really said aboard Apollo 13.

Hinch’s Senate Diary: what the child abuse royal commission got wrong

April 20, 2017 16

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has, sadly, dropped the ball by not investigating Islamic institutions.

Hinch’s Senate Diary: why you should never turn down a sausage in bread

April 13, 2017 8

Plus, the one thing Senator Derryn Hinch has in common with Donald Trump.

Hinch’s Senate Diary: my lunch with John Howard

April 6, 2017 7

Why was Senator Derryn Hinch lunching with John Howard? Plus: Sam Dastyari might have spent a bit too much time at the snack table during non-sitting weeks.

Hinch’s Senate Diary: why I changed my mind on penalty rates

March 30, 2017 11

"I’ve consulted the third umpire and the third umpire’s decision is that cuts to Sunday penalty rates are O-U-T, OUT," writes Senator Derryn Hinch.

Hinch’s Senate Diary: ‘I was one cross crossbencher this week’

March 23, 2017 9

Senator Derryn Hinch explains why he pushed the government to agree to support his amendment cutting childcare subsidies.

Hinch’s Senate Diary: remembering Bill Leak, and what will happen with Nauru

March 16, 2017 6

Bill Leak's colleagues at The Australian done him proud.

Hinch’s Senate Diary: blustering pollies and nosy Comcar drivers

March 9, 2017 3

Why do pollies wearing $1000-$2000 suits think it makes them "men of the people" by sitting in the front seat of a Comcar?

Hinch’s Senate diary: the course of estimates hearings never did run smooth

March 2, 2017 4

It's a good idea to always "expect the unexpected" when attending Senate estimates, as Senator Derryn Hinch reminds.

Hinch’s Senate Diary: scandal, rumour and scurrilous accusation edition

February 23, 2017 5

Was Senator Derryn Hinch seen falling-down drunk in Canberra last week?