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Derryn Hinch


Hinch's Senate Diary: so long, farewell

The Human Headline says farewell to the Crikey bunker.

Hinch's Senate Diary: where were you during the Post-2018 Budget Massacre?

As soon as the budget was through, the High Court spared no time in pulling the plug on the latest slew of parliamentary dual citizens.

Hinch's Senate Diary: tragedy and farce at the Anzac Day dawn service

Witnessing the Anzac Day dawn service at Villers Bretonneux was a huge honour, as was awkwardly waiting in line at the portaloo with the next King of England.

Hinch's Senate Diary: the new ins and outs of the Senate 'doors'

When Parliament House isn't erecting ghastly fences or overly expensive security gates, it's funneling Senators through temporary doors that look like they were designed by preschoolers.

Hinch's Senate Diary: how to make friends and influence the Senate

Petitioning the Senate has a long history stretching back to the earliest days of our nation, and it's still the best way for the people to have their voice heard.

Hinch's Senate Diary: it's all about timing in the upper house

The upper house's strict timing for divisions leads to more than a few red faces as senators find themselves late to their own party.

Airplane! (Canberra edition)

There's an unspoken agreement between pollies flying out of Canberra, something that regular punters could do well to learn.

Hinch's Senate Diary: this country needs a taskforce against time-wasters

The Senate is waterlogged with outdated processes that parties use to waste time on obscure issues, and it's about time someone moves to clean it up, writes Senator Derryn Hinch.

Hinch's Senate Diary: 'I fucking well will get my picture in the paper tomorrow, Derryn!'

Fingers were pointed and teeth were bared in the trenches of the Senate this week, even if it was just for the cameras.

Hinch's Senate Diary: what was Xenophon thinking?

Derryn Hinch argues Nick Xenophon shouldn't have believed his own publicity in the SA election.

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