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David Latham — Freelance writer

David Latham

Freelance writer

David Latham is a writer and reviewer whose work has appeared in Vice, The Guardian, Australian Book Review and In Review. He is also producer of the film review show Super Rate.

Collingwood fans at the MCG (Image: AAP/Julian Smith)

How the AFL conjured up its own crisis

In attempting to defuse aggressive behaviour amongst fans, the AFL has somehow managed to create a PR crisis. How did the organisation get here, and what can it do to get out?

Bill Shorten at the 2018 Labor Party National Conference (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

Where did all of Labor's working class go?

It’s sometimes stated that Labor has been a victim of its own success, of re-gearing the economy and instituting successful reforms that have facilitated social mobility.

How Collingwood became the most hated team in the AFL

From Eddie McGuire to a "feral" fan base, Collingwood is a spectre that haunts the Australian football imagination. But there's more to this hatred than it may seem.

Sacred Cows: Paul Auster may not like 'New York Trilogy', but you should

This was a work that busted open the detective genre and signalled a new direction in the evolution of literature. Does it matter what its creator says?

Sacred Cows: "dark and gritty" doesn't always equal "good"

Australia loves a realist crime drama, but there are certainly better ones out there than Animal Kingdom.

Sacred Cows: the undeserved cult love for The Big Lebowski

Critics who have come to praise the Coen brothers' The Big Lebowski are victims of cult followers' persistence, psycho-semiotic babble and zealotry.

Sacred Cows: a controversial trailblazer for Australian strangeness

Ray Lawrence's Bliss certainly caused a stir at its release, but did it ever get the credit it deserves in the canon of Australian film?

Sacred Cows: when your masterpiece is an unreadable mess

William Faulkner's The Sound and The Fury was originally published to little fanfare. There was a reason for that.

Sacred Cows: the underrated dark wit of Flannery O'Connor

Has O'Connor's debut novel been historically overlooked in favour of the Southern Gothics of McCarthy, Capote and Faulkner?

Sacred Cows: the case against Cloudstreet

Is Tim Winton's blockbuster novel really as good as Australian culture collectively remembers?