David Gillespie


How Diabetes Council advice bucks scientific proof

July 12, 2012 12

It’s Diabetes Awareness Week. But the Australian Diabetes Council continues to advocate a solution that the science shows will make the disease worse rather than better.

Are mums really united in their love of margarine?

November 23, 2011 3

The Australian Heart Foundation has found a new and even more devious way to entangle itself with the interests of the processed-food industry.

The glycemic index has passed its use-by date

July 18, 2011 11

The glycemic index is not just bad science, it has a dangerous loophole big enough to drive an ice-cream truck through.

The sugar bomb is ticking away dangerously

February 2, 2011 12

The line-up of Heart Foundation tick-approved products will now include some of the highest sugar breakfast cereals on sale in Australia, writes David Gillespie.

Why we shouldn’t put up with sportspeople advertising sugar

Why we shouldn’t put up with sportspeople advertising sugar

September 7, 2010 4

CSR’s admission as to the dangers of fructose is far more than any tobacco company ever managed (before they were forced to). We banned cigarette advertising at sporting events almost 20 years ago.

Heart Foundation tick and Coles tick go against the grain

June 8, 2010 1

The Heart Foundation is getting its undies in a twist about Coles using a tick on its branding. But consumers might be healthier if they let the Coles tick guide their purchases.

Healthy advice from the nutrition hierarchy? Fat chance

April 13, 2010 9

For the past three decades the NHMRC and Heart Foundation have been spending our hard-earned tax dollars telling us to eat less fat. For at least the past 10 years, that message has been demonstrably wrong.

Soda pop not that soft: fizzy drinks linked to pancreatic cancer

February 10, 2010 10

It’s time to wake up, smell the (unsweetened) coffee and act on sugar before we sentence even more Australians to death by pancreatic cancer.

Where’s the F word … err fructose … in healthy thinking debate?

February 2, 2010 8

Overweight children eat more and exercise less because they are fat, not the other way round, and the Queensland government's Smart Choices initiative will do nothing to change that.

Datapig: the worst places to park. Oh, and Melbourne’s a bargain

January 28, 2010

Australia boasts three of the top seven most expensive cities in the world to park your car. Lucky for Victorians, their capital is rated a mere 27 on the list.