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Dan Hogan

Writer and teacher

Dan Hogan is a writer from San Remo NSW, whose work spans poetry, nonfiction and fiction. They presently live in Sydney where they work as a primary school teacher.

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Take it from a teacher: increasing ATAR scores won't fix the education crisis

There's no shortage of innovative, smart and dedicated teachers. The real question is, why do these people want to leave the industry?

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The death of private healthcare can't come soon enough

A new report shows the private healthcare system may be on its last legs. Good.

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Please, sir, I want more funding for public schools

The public school classroom has become a site of perpetual material malfunction and deprivation. Meanwhile, private schools are putting on productions of Oliver Twist in $47 million theatres.

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The case for a Labor-Greens coalition

A progressive alliance would be a much-needed boon for Labor.