Damien Kingsbury

Crikey international affairs commentator


Cambodia cancels democracy

October 25, 2017 1

With the outlawing of its main opposition party, Cambodia's slide back towards totalitarian state is almost complete

Kurdistan’s five hurdles to independence

October 17, 2017 4

Official independence looks impossible in the short term.

Catalan independence referendum turns violent as police storm voting stations

October 2, 2017 4

With national police raiding and closing dozens of voting booths yesterday, it is clear that the vote will not be recognised by the conservative People’s Party government in Madrid.

Indonesia on notice: West Papuans still want independence

September 28, 2017 2

There is widespread international sympathy for resolving the issue of West Papua, but the hurdles are immense.

As Myanmar returns to being a pariah state, we should return to boycotting it

September 18, 2017 11

When Myanmar was a pariah state, many people boycotted it so as to not further line the pockets of the generals and their cronies who controlled the economy. Myanmar's return to committing obscene human rights abuses means we should reinstate this position.

Cambodia slides back to naked dictatorship

September 8, 2017 2

Arresting the opposition leader on trumped-up charges of treason and closing a dissenting newspaper will cement Hun Sen's grip on power as Cambodia becomes even more autocratic.

Australia continues rich and time-honoured tradition of swindling East Timor

September 4, 2017 2

Australia's treatment of East Timor has always been exploitative. Under the Turnbull government, nothing has changed.

The Donald is wrong — talking is the only way to deal with North Korea

September 1, 2017 11

Wars are always ended by some form of negotiated settlement. That means that, at some point, talking must be the answer.

Ethnic tensions seethe in Myanmar as persecuted Rohingya radicalise

August 30, 2017 11

Myanmar's Rohingya people have long been considered the most persecuted in the world and despite hopes for change with new political leadership it seems the same cruel story is set to play out yet again.

India and China sabre-ratting over Bhutan

August 2, 2017 4

China and India both want to assert their dominance in Bhutan. And the dispute could end in bloodshed.