Damien Kingsbury

Crikey international affairs commentator


Myopia and forgetfulness the preferred direction on foreign policy

November 12, 2009 2

When the Rudd Labor government was elected two years ago, there were high hopes that it would leave behind the more negative foreign policies of its predecessor Howard coalition government. What we have, though, is a foreign policy shambles.

Oops, there goes the relationship with Indonesia

September 10, 2009 4

The roller-coaster that is the Australia-Indonesia bilateral relationship is again plummeting.

Howard and Kelly rewrite history on East Timor

September 8, 2009 10

Damien Kingsbury wonders why former PM John Howard finds it necessary to create a palpable fiction over his commitment to East Timor’s independence.

East Timor’s media ‘blackout’ or just a lack of research?

August 27, 2009

There isn't a 'media blackout' occurring in East Timor, rather lots of factually incorrect stories that ignore the East Timorese government's focus on anti-corruption campaigns.

Bombings reboot Indonesia’s vicious political circle

July 20, 2009

Just two weeks ago, observers were congratulating Indonesia for a presidential election that was seen to consolidate that country’s process of democratisation. Now the country again appears to be on the edge of political turmoil.

Sri Lanka’s military showdown: is this it?

April 23, 2009

Sri Lanka’s battle to militarily defeat the country’s separatist Tamil Tigers appears to heading towards its final moments; but is this really the end?

Why won’t Indonesia stop the people smugglers?

April 17, 2009

Corruption, bribery and boats: we know that asylum seekers who attempt to come to Australia by boat invariably come via Indonesia, and that much of the problem lies there.

Indonesia’s post-election shake-up

April 16, 2009

Indonesia’s political parties are now jockeying to form coalitions in a major re-ordering of that country’s political landscape.

Amid dreams of independence, Indonesia goes to the polls

April 8, 2009

Indonesia goes to the polls to elect its national and local legislatures today, in what many see as a foretaste of the presidential polls in July, writes Damien Kingsbury.