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<em>Melbourne Now</em> and the politics of inclusiveness

Melbourne Now and the politics of inclusiveness

Culture MulcherDec 11, 2013

WH Chong visited NGV's starring attraction and found it worthy of its name -- except for the hipster taxidermy.

Book reviews: Man Booker-winning <em>The Luminaries</em> & more

Book reviews: Man Booker-winning The Luminaries & more

Culture MulcherNov 6, 2013

Jim Morgan tackles the much-lauded novel from Eleanor Catton, as well as new releases A History of Silence and Coal Creek.

Nude renewed: Stephen Benwell's 'Naked Little Men'

Nude renewed: Stephen Benwell’s ‘Naked Little Men’

Culture MulcherOct 29, 2013

Grayson Perry won the Turner Prize in 2003 with ceramic works; Stephen Benwell is better and has achieved something original, new and true, writes WH Chong.

The excellence of <em>New Yorker</em> covers

The excellence of New Yorker covers

Culture MulcherOct 17, 2013

WH Chong examines the art and science behind some of the magazine's iconic cover images.

<em>Maus</em> at Town Hall: Art Spiegelman’s history of comics tour de force

Maus at Town Hall: Art Spiegelman’s history of comics tour de force

Culture MulcherOct 9, 2013

The legendary author speaks to a 1200-person audience about the current (poor) state of comics and graphic novels.

Vale Christopher Koch: 1932-2013

Vale Christopher Koch: 1932-2013

Culture MulcherSep 26, 2013

Jim Morgan remembers the lauded Tasmanian author as a friend in the literary world.

Book review: <em> The Memory Trap</em> and <em>Cairo</em>

Book review: The Memory Trap and Cairo

Culture MulcherSep 12, 2013

Vale Seamus Heaney (1939-2013)

Vale Seamus Heaney (1939-2013)

Culture MulcherSep 5, 2013

WH Chong examines the great poet's work in the wake of his death earlier in the month.

Rick Amor's art -- great for science fiction

Rick Amor’s art — great for science fiction

Culture MulcherSep 2, 2013

Rick Amor is one of Australia's best painters of the metaphysical, and WH Chong reckons his talents would be perfect for book cover artwork.

<em>Stoner</em> and <em>The Young Desire It</em> -- two perfect novels

Stoner and The Young Desire It — two perfect novels

Culture MulcherAug 28, 2013

Jim Morgan reads “Stoner” and “The Young Desire It” with great admiration, and recalls blood on the pages of another volume in the farmyard.