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Charlie Lewis


Charlie writes chiefly about industrial relations, politics, culture and social services.


Why Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump Jr had very different Indian visits

February 23, 2018 2

Dress ups and gaffes marked both visits, but their deeper significance is a bit more complicated.

Do I have to tell a prospective employer if I have mental health issues?

February 22, 2018 3

A recent job ad at Fairfax raises some important questions.

Is Benjamin Netanyahu going to be charged with corruption?

February 19, 2018 3

The long standing Israeli Prime Minister could be in trouble, but the road to indictment is long.

That was then, this is now: the evolution of the ‘bonk ban’

February 16, 2018 7

Malcolm Turnbull has finally introduced his ban on boning-down in Parliament House (affectionately known as the bonk ban), leaving more than a few ministers red in the face.

Hi, this is Christian, he’ll be your Attorney-General from now on

February 14, 2018 10

Who is Christian Porter exactly, and why do so many people think he'll be PM one day?

One of the ugliest beefs in federal politics has finally come to a head

February 13, 2018 9

What role has Tony Windsor played in Barnaby Joyce's downfall?

Australia’s most notorious political turncoats — Part II

February 7, 2018 1

Crikey continues the investigation into Australia's legendary ship-jumpers.

The notable disagreement between Bernardi and Shelton

February 6, 2018 3

Senator Cory Bernardi and his new employee, Lyle Shelton, were as one when it came to marriage equality, but there are noteworthy differences of opinion in other areas.

Australia’s most notorious political turncoats — Part I

February 6, 2018 8

Martin Hamilton-Smith may hold the current trophy for ship-jumping, but Crikey has learned of a few leaders of wobbly loyalty who would give him a run for his money.

Does the ABCC directive on union logos breach the constitution?

February 5, 2018 11

The ABCC code is looking to ban the "logos, mottos and indicia" of unions on building sites. Does this breach our right to political communication?